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  • I have no fear of the infidelity of any of my people.
  • There is no infidelity toward knowledge.
  • He had been formally tried for infidelity in 1832.
  • The imposture of Soothsayers, and infidelity of Atheists.
  • It's infidelity that is temporary.
  • How do they repel the frightful consequences which infidelity deduces from it?
  • You accuse of infidelity all those who commit crimes against society.
  • He stands happily equidistant from infidelity and fanaticism.
  • They endeavored to reduce that infidelity with mildness and gentleness.
  • When she had gone he opened a perfect torrent of infidelity upon me.
  • Clean infidelity is preferable in good society to nasty piety.
  • Domestic infidelity is prevalent, and female virtue but little esteemed.
  • To conceal his infidelity he has only to keep still, to hide behind silence.
  • My proposition for a Reform will annihilate infidelity as well as dissent.
  • Behold hydra-headed infidelity stalking over New England, in clerical robes.
  • An Infidel who would not Talk Infidelity before his Daughter.

How To Use Infidelity In A Sentence?

  • And he accused her of the infidelity he had himself a thousand times practiced.
  • Never could she complain of infidelity or ill-treatment on the part of her husband.
  • I have been rewarded by your infidelity, and your infidelity has been rewarded by desertion.
  • Not only barefaced, impudent, immorality of all kinds, but often professed infidelity and atheism.
  • It is not the relation of the pirate to the producer or prisoner which is sinful, but infidelity to the solemn trust which that relation creates.
  • Would you substitute infidelity for Christianity, for the religion of the Bible?
  • He discovers her infidelity just when he is on the point of fighting a duel with Von Koren.
  • Voltaire could not erase from his mind the impression of a poem on infidelity committed at the age of five.
  • Even the most dissolute husband will look on his wife as deserving of death if his daily infidelity is only once reciprocated.
  • It is impossible for the ablest disputant to maintain a respectable argument against infidelity while standing upon this ground.
  • The phantasy of her husband's infidelity was thus like a cooling salve on her burning wound.
  • We have already taken notice of the infidelity of his wife; and now her circumstances were reduced, her virtue did not improve.
  • Elise's fickleness, frivolity, and manifest infidelity soon brought about a divorce.
  • Against such a truth, defended with such bulwarks, both infidelity and heresy dash themselves with impotent rage in vain.
  • In earlier times, in the sixteenth century, infidelity was counted as such and caused trouble in the household.
  • In this respect, it is deeply instructive to remark that Infidelity has been singularly at variance with itself.
  • The restless rage of his invective is as far as human utterance can find itself from the cynical infidelity of an Iago.
  • There are two sorts of infidelity concerning humanity, and I do not know which is the more withering in its effects.
  • In former times, a poor foolish woman might languish out her life in sighs and tears, for the infidelity of her husband.
  • Oh, how blessed will be your brief captivity by which God will deliver so many souls from that infidelity and eternal damnation!
  • The faults of Alexander are comprised in his infidelity to a beautiful, accomplished, and affectionate wife.
  • In some cases, as in conjugal infidelity or filial impiety, individuals are permitted to avenge their own wrong, even to the taking of life.
  • His well-considered theism, fruit of so much thought, nursed amid glooms of the dungeon, was called infidelity or atheism.
  • A few years later, Ruth was imprisoned by Hosea for infidelity and he took her formula away from her.

Definition of Infidelity

Unfaithfulness in a marriage or an intimate relationship: practice or instance of having a sexual or romantic affair with someone other than one's spouse, without the consent of the spouse. | Unfaithfulness in some other moral obligation. | Lack of religious belief.
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