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  • It thus happens that many fossils are infiltrated with mineral matter.

How To Use Infiltrated In A Sentence?

  • Now if we regard these structures as those of an infiltrated fossil, as described in last chapter, their interpretation will not be difficult.
  • As one cuts deeper into the sole with the knife, however, it will be found that the lower layers of horn are more or less infiltrated with the discharge.
  • They infiltrated the shops, the control centers, the rides, first by the hundred, then, as the hot July day ticked by, by the thousand.
  • This means that the ligaments become infiltrated with inflammatory exudate, that the fibrous bundles composing them become separated, and that the ligaments are weakened and easily stretched.
  • The tissues implicated are destroyed outright, become infiltrated with the inflammatory exudate and escaped blood, and act as a source of irritation to the still living tissues around.

Definition of Infiltrated

simple past tense and past participle of infiltrate
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