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  • More or less swelling and infiltration are noticeable.
  • The infiltration disappears by absorption or ulceration.

How To Use Infiltration In A Sentence?

  • The infiltration goes on through the engagement of Teutons for Roman military service.
  • The wall was slowly and sluggishly advancing, and a fresh infiltration was drifting in on another side.
  • True lodes are veins of injection formed by the infiltration of silicated waters carrying the metals also in solution.
  • The lower halls were brilliant with pretty, eager faces, noisy with chatter and laughter, a trifle heady from an infiltration of perfumes.
  • In addition to its increased redness, the membrane has a swollen and gelatinous appearance owing to its infiltration with the inflammatory discharges.
  • On the other hand, it became increasingly evident that acceptance of the Nanking hegemony in name led to the infiltration of Nanking rule in fact.
  • Had it not been for the infiltration of the Nile water, these lower strata of tombs would no doubt have furnished many interesting objects to explorers.

Definition of Infiltration

The act or process of infiltrating, as of water into a porous substance, or of a fluid into the cells of an organ or part of the body. | The substance which has entered the pores or cavities of a body. | The act of secretly entering a physical location and/or organization.
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