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  • All of this was inflammable matter.
  • But my inflammable temper did not rise.
  • The whole place was in an inflammable state.
  • The town had been gleaned for inflammable material.
  • It is surprising the amount of inflammable material there is on a car.
  • The room was crowded, and with the most inflammable material.
  • They were shafts made highly inflammable by means of resin and pitch.
  • In the second, it is dangerous with so much inflammable material about.
  • What changes take place when oxygen unites with an inflammable body?
  • Then they asked if I had any inflammable stuff stored in the attic.
  • It is chivalrous, but not, alas, inflammable in support of innocence.
  • It is one of the coal tar products, an inflammable liquid, resembling benzene.

How To Use Inflammable In A Sentence?

  • The temptation is to the latent evil what the spark is to the inflammable material.
  • We cannot understand why some people use such inflammable material for building purposes.
  • He felt a spark dropped among the recesses where his inflammable temper was kept.
  • And it was this spirit which cried out helplessly in him through the insistent, inflammable flesh.
  • This will help to give an idea of the intensely inflammable nature of coal dust.
  • In the absence of a key to turn off the inflammable gas he knocked the lead pipe flat.
  • To draw off the foul and inflammable air from coal-pits and other mines liable to explosion.
  • Sulphur is one of the most inflammable substances known, and will melt in fire but not in water.
  • During the preliminary stages of the cure he should, of course, avoid inflammable situations.
  • Captain Farquhar was of a loving disposition, and as inflammable as a hay-rick.
  • He was like Kenny, that boy, inflammable of purpose, erratic in his vigor, and likable.
  • The contents had probably been carefully distributed over the most inflammable materials in the top rooms.
  • There is indeed something of unfitness in the use of an inflammable material surrounding a fireplace.
  • These had not been supplied; but in their place a quantity of inflammable and explosive materials had been sent.
  • Almost every kind of dust which is composed of inflammable material will explode when touched by a flame.
  • The resulting cellulose acetates are less inflammable than the nitrates, but they are more brittle and more expensive.
  • Haldane was naturally combustible, to begin with, and was now at the most inflammable period of his life.
  • Spring burning is theoretically preferable, for it leaves less inflammable material during the fire season.
  • A house to be built over a natural spring of inflammable gas, and to be constantly illuminated therewith.
  • The head of the arrow was dipped in some highly inflammable substance and then set on fire at the instant before it was discharged from the bow.
  • He was also fond of making the children personate spirits or fiends, while he burned some inflammable liquid.
  • All the dead leaves and inflammable stuff had been raked away and the ground dug up immediately about the fire to prevent it from spreading.
  • It is dangerous to leave waste paper like those letters lying around close to such highly inflammable material.
  • It is highly inflammable and not explosive even under pressure, and may be worked under the hammer or between rollers without risk.
  • Then the wily Indians loaded a cart with inflammable material and thrust it down the hill to the tavern.
  • The thread of nitrated cellulose may be rendered less inflammable by taking out the nitrate groups by treatment with ammonium or calcium sulfide.
  • No rain had fallen in weeks; the grass was as dry as tinder; and the old bleached shack itself almost as inflammable as gunpowder.
  • At the end of the above-mentioned time, in spite of the inflammable nature of the old building, the matter was no longer in doubt.

Definition of Inflammable

Capable of burning; easily set on fire. | (figuratively) Easily excited; set off by the slightest excuse; easily enraged or inflamed. | Any inflammable substance.
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