Inflection In A Sentence

Definition of Inflection

(grammar) A change in the form of a word that reflects a change in grammatical function. | A change in pitch or tone of voice. | (mathematics) A change in curvature from concave to convex or from convex to concave.

How To Use Inflection In A Sentence?

  • There was something in the inflection of his voice which very much touched her.
  • Some one has called inflection a running commentary of the emotions upon the thought.
  • Her voice showed that she was very tired, but her inflection was as cheerful as ever.
  • His inflection checked her confidence, and they rode for a little way in silence.
  • A lifting inflection suggested the speaker loved his words, reluctant to put a period to them.
  • Quell ended his speech with so disagreeable an inflection that Arved was astonished.
  • He paused on the rising inflection of his question, a calm, earnest challenge in his eyes.
  • The same word, but, oh, the revelation which may lie in the inflection of that word!
  • And of course, though Polly deserved her punishment his inflection was both rude and cruel.
  • The call is a prolonged, raspy, staccato croak, sometimes with a rising inflection at the end.
  • Mary knew from her inflection that she had asked something before and was not satisfied with the reply.
  • All spoke to him with respect, but with an inflection of the voice which denoted that he was not one of us.
  • Its tone was velvety in its richness, nor was there the least inflection of astonishment in its tone.
  • Kate smiled at the astute mingling of sly fun and questioning implied in the gently rising inflection in this query.
  • When he opened them again his face had softened; the words fell upon the silence with a heartrending inflection of misery.
  • It was inconceivable how she could say darling without the loving inflection which alone gave the word its full meaning.
  • Study the attitude of every interlocutor you face, by studying the inflection of his replies to the questions of life and death you propound.
  • A subtle inflection of the voice made him almost start as he looked up, but the gray deep of her eyes was pure and unruffled.
  • There was an inflection in his voice, an almost imperceptible note of severity, that set her heart throbbing with fear.
  • Although Stent could not distinguish the words, now and then he caught an inflection that he recognised.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Inflection | Inflection Sentence

  • What did her inflection reveal?
  • There was a wistful inflection on the query.
  • Everything depends on inflection of tone.
  • There was a touching inflection in her tone.
  • It had carried the inflection of a question.
  • But what of the inflection of those monosyllabic words?
  • The inflection was grimly and heavily sarcastic.
  • This time his inflection showed that he had finished.
  • This time the inflection is more positive and acrid.
  • There was an inflection to that "now" which was disturbing.
  • The inflection on the last word is always a rising one.
  • Flora's rising inflection was a lament.
  • This time there was a rising inflection on the last syllable.
  • He had a monotonous inflection and rather chanted in a minor key than spoke.
  • He remembered the words, the inflection of scorn in her tone.
  • They had the rising inflection of a question; the last seemed to be a name.
  • Her voice was quite steady, although its inflection betrayed some indignation.
  • The inflection of the word "starved" must emphasize the grayness.
  • Then the Prince laughed, and there was ironical inflection in his mirth.
  • A certain inflection in the tone made Ellen shrink away instinctively.

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