Inflexible in a sentence

Definition of Inflexible

Not flexible; not capable of bending or being bent | Not willing to change, e.g. one's opinion or habits

How to use Inflexible in a Sentence?

  • But this obligation must not be regarded as precise, as inflexible as the obligation to be just.
  • He even goes so far as to say that the inflexible austerity of a man is the basis of a republic.
  • An inflexible industry is not often united with a bird-like celerity and grace of movement.
  • It evinced a deep and settled abhorrence of crime, and an inflexible determination to punish it.
  • Science rarely lays down laws so inflexible as those of the Medes and Persians.
  • Mrs. Coneni was plump, motherly, and had a genial nature covering an inflexible will.
  • But Lord Earle, inflexible and unflinching, knew that he should never in life see his son again.
  • Your Inflexible ancestor, I am very sure, never lacked either cash or courtiers.
  • They it is whom I propose lodging within the lofty walls constructed by the Inflexible Rudolph.
  • It was easy to see that the rector's appeals were powerless against that inflexible will.
  • This inflexible character of the sect institution has been a most fruitful cause for the production of new sects.
  • Besides, it is the inflexible order of things that voluntary faults are followed by inevitable pain.
  • He was never so inflexible and deadly self-possessed as he was when he could not see the next step ahead.
  • There was also something inflexible appearing in that young form, though so replete with grace and charm.
  • It is not possible, if acquainted with the truth, to be patient with inflexible and ungovernable enemies of the truth.
  • This is not a weak and yielding thing, as men are so fondly prone to imagine; it is a universal and inflexible law.
  • For whatever it was which they were confessing, I had no doubt that stubbornness and inflexible obstinacy deserved punishment.
  • If one could always remember that he is a saviour, and carry humanity with him, his will would be inflexible and every act an exulting humility.
  • If cold climates produced inflexible consciences, the Eskimos ought to be the most conscientious people on earth.
  • It requires an inflexible will and tremendous enthusiasm not to lose, under such conditions, all faith in the Cause.
  • As upright as poplars, chests well forward and heads thrown back, their souls seemed to speak out of their inflexible determination to win.
  • In a way, the Germans were beaten because, from that moment, they had to struggle against unseen and inflexible forces.
  • My father, who has made his own way in the world, is a stern, inflexible man; he treats his wife and his children as he treats himself.
  • Once more he cudgeled the sides of the inflexible Gunpowder, and shutting his eyes, broke forth with involuntary fervor into a psalm tune.
  • He watched for the appalling end which he had so cleverly prepared and of which all the incidents were following close on one another in accordance with his inflexible will.
  • The patriotic services of Arrango were appreciated by the court of Madrid, although he was at times the inflexible opponent of its selfish schemes.
  • Kirkwood would have lingered, but of such inflexible temper was his host that he bowed him into the hands of a man servant without permitting him another word.
  • We have actually succeeded in wringing from the tenacious and inflexible Cabinet of St Petersburg an important commercial advantage!
  • Hisses were heard, and the inflexible gentleman turned angrily to see if they were meant for him, but the galloping of horses resounded and the stir increased.
  • Stubborn and inflexible with the clergy and the populace, obdurate and pitiless with those who had offended him or his king or his church, he was flexible and insinuating in his relations with those in power.

Short Example Sentence for Inflexible

  • His blue eyes had become an inflexible gray.
  • And he needed a friend, inflexible and kindly.
  • She kept repeating that, with sardonic inflexible eyes.
  • On this point Pierrot was as inflexible as a janitor.
  • An inflexible 'No' is the answer.
  • Otherwise, what is the use of the Inflexible Method?
  • She did not yet understand the inflexible secrecies of genius.
  • Now it seems that we have turned aside the inflexible decree.
  • He appeared the inflexible chastiser of simony and ecclesiastical corruption.
  • The indomitable will, the inflexible purpose, will find a way or make one.

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