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  • And resentment always wants to inflict pain.
  • It is no longer necessary to inflict the extreme penalty.
  • Of the everlasting wound it would inflict on him he dared not think.
  • But I'm not going to inflict our discussion upon you.
  • I am often unhappy, but I do not inflict this unhappiness on others.
  • Poised to inflict a further agony, The Vampire Bats that violate the sky?

How To Use Inflict In A Sentence?

  • Jay perceived the injury that such a course would inflict on the position of the abolitionists.
  • If unable to inflict a corresponding injury there is the desire to inflict an equivalent injury.
  • To most persons a sense of obligation is insupportable; beware upon whom you inflict it.
  • Take those troubles, my son, and learn how not to inflict them on your subjects.
  • Rome can inflict celibacy even on priests that look like stall-fed oxen, but she cannot unsex men.
  • Immortality is the Promethean curse, enabling the vultures to inflict never-ending torments.
  • I confess, sir, there are many of our people who treat their prisoners with unnecessary severity, and frequently inflict death when the occasion does not demand it.
  • Rather than inflict such torture upon her he would flee to the depths of the wilderness and hide until she was married.
  • Yet modern practice provides opportunities for a telephone system to inflict damage upon itself in that way.
  • He who would rather inflict injustice than suffer it will always have his choice, for no injustice can be done to him.
  • Apart from his own position, the pain and suffering he knew he must inflict upon her set him flinching.
  • But in doing it, both managed to inflict upon themselves a caste system that perpetuated itself, eventually to the detriment of progress.
  • On their heads and throats the injuries which in the accomplishment of my designs I had been compelled to inflict were conspicuous.
  • Perenna was confused, as were those, invariably, upon whom he himself used to inflict this kind of defeat and humiliation.
  • He had been beaten and humiliated; and he would gladly inflict some humiliation on his opponents, if he could find a way.
  • That God will execute the fierceness of his anger implies that he will inflict wrath without any pity.
  • And if not, what are we to think of that attribute of justice, which demands an eternity to inflict the infinite pangs due to a single sin?
  • Do you not every day become more convinced of the truth of the little lectures I used to inflict on you?
  • They felt, and repeatedly said, that we were doing them quite as much damage as neutrals as we could possibly inflict in the guise of belligerents.
  • Rubbing his hands with glee, he determined to let the two animals walk headlong into his power, and then inflict upon them some terrible revenge.
  • I feel myself very poor company for myself, and I 'd not inflict my stupidity upon others.
  • Fearful lest the dog might inflict some serious injury upon the fellow, Rodman rushed to his assistance.
  • He would inflict the severe punishment of scourging as a sop to their rage, and then release Him as a tribute to justice.
  • Consequently, the Turkish authorities could arrest but not imprison, could try but not inflict punishment.
  • The French engineer ridiculed this idea, and affirmed that the ships would be destroyed before they could inflict any damage upon the walls.
  • At no time did Washington risk a general engagement; at no time did he inflict any significant loss upon his antagonist or hinder his advance.
  • But yours is no such case; on the contrary, had not the capital punishment for consumption been abolished, I should certainly inflict it now.
  • To his threats and attempts to inflict harm Gaudama opposed the meekest composure, the mildest expressions, and an invincible patience.
  • The suggestion has often been made that, behind this pretended scrupulosity, their real aim was to inflict additional pain and indignity on Jesus.
  • Short of actual invasion, the stoppage of supplies is the only method by which the Germans can inflict suffering upon England.
  • We are nowhere told in Scripture, that it is wrong to do natural evil, or inflict suffering, that good may come.
  • My intense aversion to the flavor of strong medicines caused me to inflict them as rarely as possible upon other mouths during the drug period of my practice.
  • For what war should we not be equal, we who are so ready to be slaughtered, if our religion did not command us rather to suffer death than to inflict it.
  • He had merely the power of nominating either himself or another person as count; the right to inflict capital punishment was to be conferred by the emperor or his deputy.

Definition of Inflict

To thrust upon; to impose.
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