Inflicted In A Sentence

Definition of Inflicted

simple past tense and past participle of inflict

How To Use Inflicted In A Sentence?

  • He estimated that before it was through he had inflicted approximately thirty casualties.
  • The pains he had taken and the pains he had inflicted had been equally useless.
  • He had endured his share of it, and inflicted far more than his share on others.
  • Her heart smote her for the misery she had inflicted on one who seemed quite broken down.
  • Yet her rude reception had galled him more than any cross that fate had lately inflicted upon him.
  • I had become sore and susceptible in my feelings; every thing inflicted a wound on them.
  • It is suffering inflicted on an offender, on account of his real or supposed personal guilt.
  • But, if they are in harmony, the struggle is the greatest evil which can be inflicted on society.
  • Riches are but of little avail against the ills inflicted by the hand of Heaven.
  • Rarely has a country, at the instance of one man, inflicted a severer strain upon its citizens.
  • Next day I asked the officer of the guard if any punishment was to be inflicted upon the sentinel.
  • The injuries related to have been inflicted upon human beings by evil Jinn are of various kinds.
  • Even the five "intolerable Acts" inflicted hardship on the town of Boston alone.
  • Havelock has captured all the enemy's guns, and inflicted severe punishment.
  • Even when it is inflicted as a punishment for sin, this is not the only end, or final cause of its infliction.
  • Not one word was written on the tables of stone as to the punishments that would be inflicted for breaking any or all of the inspired laws.
  • They had inflicted a heavy blow, but had altogether failed in obtaining the complete success they looked for.
  • Now such barbarism was inflicted with intense force of conviction, and it was patiently endured with the largest faith.
  • Wherever this tradition existed the usual method of enforcement was corporal punishment, generally inflicted with a strap.
  • The punishment was to be inflicted in the great square, and the troops were out, and a large concourse of people were assembled.
  • One not only ate them with one's food, but they inflicted a nasty, poisonous bite.
  • It appears to me to have been the most uncomfortable day that ever was inflicted on poor mortals. . . .
  • He had never inflicted his confidences upon her, but had deftly managed to rouse her curiosity, and make her question.
  • As to the long imprisonment, the torture and indignities inflicted upon the captives, they are already well known to the public.
  • Herr Nickolai was captured by blacks and his clothes torn from his body and numerous knife wounds inflicted on his body.
  • The pain inflicted by the terrible blows had nearly taken her life, and she sank back, again, white and trembling.
  • These wounds have the appearance of having been inflicted several days ago, and yet I have heard of no fighting near by.
  • English witches meet, also, innumerable kittens on the Sabbath and show the scars of wounds inflicted by the malicious animals.
  • When sentenced, bound as he was Iemon struggled forward to plead for mercy, respite from the barbarous punishment to be inflicted on the traitor.
  • The party of Putnam, enraged by this disaster, fought with gallantry, and inflicted a heavy loss upon their opponents.
  • The weapon which had inflicted the mortal wound was not to be found in the room, nor were any footsteps or other traces of the murderer discoverable.
  • The Union army was flung back from the impregnable defences in the rear of Vicksburg, and great losses were inflicted on them.
  • But this grumbling was not against the distance or the toil, great as both were; it was against the incapacity which had inflicted an unnecessary toil upon them.
  • The utmost possible vexation is thus inflicted on every hand, and a prejudice is established against you which the nature of your work is very unlikely to overcome.
  • Any punishment which has been inflicted upon them has been given by regimental officers, or officers of the transport-train, who have caught them robbing.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Inflicted | Inflicted Sentence

  • Not so; yet her own blood inflicted death.
  • We answer, it is inflicted for these ends: 1.
  • The fearful penalty inflicted upon Charles IX.
  • He had inflicted enough casualties to fill a field hospital.
  • Learning all the truth from Mobei she inflicted on him this punishment.

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