Inflicts In A Sentence

Definition of Inflicts

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of inflict

How To Use Inflicts In A Sentence?

  • It attributes to him as meritorious, all the voluntary evils he inflicts upon himself.
  • Fire probably inflicts the intensest pain that the human body has ever suffered.
  • He who inflicts pain simply because he can deserves to endure pain inflicted by someone stronger.
  • And the violated law has its immediate penal sanction in the remorse that it inflicts upon us.
  • This insect inflicts a puncture with a long sting, which he carries in the rear of his body.
  • If it inflicts a milder punishment, it is usually called a bill of pains and penalties.
  • Though his pen inflicts wounds both broad and deep, yet a balm is ever at hand.
  • But every now and then Euphemia or Destiny inflicts a new human being upon me.
  • Nature inflicts on mankind, every day, a hundred-fold the agonies of the Reign of Terror.
  • He is his own curse or blessing here and hereafter, inheriting no sin and earning no doom but such as he himself inflicts upon himself.
  • It often passes from the stomach without digestion, and on its way through the bowels inflicts constant pain.
  • The nervous, unready wooer both endures and inflicts agonies of mind if he tries to make a verbal offer.
  • So that, if writing indecent poems is an offence against good taste, it means that it also inflicts some such injury.
  • He who inflicts pain on innocent and harmless persons, will soon come to one of these ten states: 138.
  • The roar of the torrent is maddening, then, for his imagination is assisting; the physical pain it inflicts is exquisite.
  • The right to punish being vested in the master, he inflicts the punishment in his own way, and to some extent, at his own discretion.
  • Such are the calamities and miseries to which we have come, and the punishments which God inflicts upon us.
  • Nearly every Christian church inflicts as much discredit and injustice as it can contrive upon the illegitimate child.
  • As the thinning of the shoe proceeds with wear, the inner portion of the thinned branch is bent up on to the sole, and again inflicts the injury.
  • If you knew the dreadful punishments our Queen inflicts upon us, you would not wonder we are so unhappy.
  • The wind carries away the lances which the opponents of Mithra throw; even though he throws well and hits the body he inflicts no wound.
  • The thief robs himself; the adulterer pollutes himself; and the murderer inflicts a deeper wound upon himself than that which slays his victim.
  • In our hands, on the contrary, it seldom inflicts any pain or distress, and almost invariably becomes agreeable to the patient after a very few applications.
  • We have already pointed out that it is the inner border of the lower surface of the toe of the hind-shoe which, in the act of being drawn backwards, inflicts the injury.
  • Our disposition toward the ills which our fellow-man inflicts on us through malice or meddling is quite different from our disposition toward the ills which are inherent in the conditions of human life.
  • It is the consciousness of what our sin is to Him: of the wrong it does to His holiness, of the wound which it inflicts on His love.
  • On first entering the nuptial hut the bridegroom draws forth his horsewhip and inflicts chastisement upon his bride, with the view of taming any lurking propensity to shrewishness.
  • Cato himself seems to me the finest character in any drama; but the others are far inferior to him, and the piece is disfigured by a most unconvincing love-intrigue which inflicts a weariness that kills the play.
  • Place before the mind a murder committed by a party through pure physical compulsion brought to bear on the arm that inflicts the blow, and the conscience says, here no guilt is attachable.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Inflicts | Inflicts Sentence

  • It is a poor victory which inflicts suffering.
  • God never inflicts punishment for the sake of punishing.
  • And Hunt inflicts the deadly wound.
  • The punishment which God inflicts is limited.
  • She will blame herself for the punishment he inflicts on his son.
  • The mosquito inflicts his sting upon the place whence he draws his life.
  • In any case, the class struggle inflicts blows upon industry.
  • It was not right to trample even me without cause; trampling inflicts pain.

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