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How To Use Influence In A Sentence?

  • As it does not influence the will itself, so it cannot excuse for acts of the will.
  • His character and habits had an influence over the fraternity of which he was superior.
  • Whether the influence has been wholly for good may not be so conclusively apparent.
  • This was not the only new influence which entered into and increased the tumult of my mind.
  • The influence of this development upon the lives of the people has been profound.
  • But to the influence of this great tradition must be added the influence of a great personality.
  • I was here conscious of a sudden cessation of the influence which forced me to speak, and stopped.
  • No amount of influence brought to bear upon its feelings, may be sufficient to transform its will.
  • Let me write to Rayton and beg him to use his influence to get you something to do.
  • It was through Mendelssohn's influence that he brought out Bach's music in London.
  • It reaches not to the interior sphere of the will itself, and has no more to do with its freedom than has the influence of the stars.
  • Obviously, the closer together the plates are the stronger will be the attractive influence of the two charges on each other.
  • But in this case petticoat influence has altogether prevailed, for the yak is the mildest natured of animals.
  • Under the inspiring influence of that remark, what a garden of forgotten reforms rises upon my sight!
  • Lawrence noticed that he was more or less under the influence of liquor all the time, and that there was little discipline among his men.
  • But suppose that foreknowledge proves that all human volitions are under the influence of causes, in what sense does it leave them free?
  • If he was, posterity may be sure that his influence was not exercised unduly in the direction of a bloodless solution of the crisis.
  • The distinguished nature of the effect, which is something belonging to the effect, cannot have influence backward to act before it is.
  • Ever since her sixteenth year she has stood beneath the influence of her violent, imperious husband, and is now almost as timid as a child.
  • Again, we should probably go back for the true explanation to the influence which the Eleatic philosophy exercised over him.
  • Hence, we shall endeavour to meet all such objections as may occur to us, provided they can be supposed to exert any influence over the mind.
  • Yet this small, originally infertile island has been for two centuries, and is today, the most vital influence on the globe.
  • It seemed as though the poetic title, given to her by the good people of the village, had already exercised an influence upon her life.
  • After a time she heard him saying: "And your dream is to influence a human destiny?
  • As to Perrault, he loathed and shrank from him as the real destroyer of all his peace, and still the most dangerous influence about his wife.
  • They were something like what I have heard ascribed to the eyes of the basilisk; or like that mysterious influence in reptiles termed fascination.
  • He said his presence there would be an unfair and improper influence and that if he was to be nominated the compliment must come to him as a free and unspotted gift.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Influence | Influence Sentence

  • It was difficult to influence her at all.
  • All its influence was at an end.
  • What influence has inductance on the telephone?
  • Too much the influence of joy or sorrow?
  • The influence of opposites is felt in practical life.
  • Is it because his will may be loose from the influence of motives?
  • Does it leave them free to depart from the influence of motives?
  • Her Friends and Her Influence in Politics and Literature.
  • Tecumseh with rare ability turned this influence to advance his own plans.
  • A woman's influence is necessary to every undertaking.
  • Curiously, he did have influence with the hospital, which shall be nameless.
  • But you have great influence over my son Frank; and want you to exert it.
  • So great was still the influence of Banfi and Beldi in the land.

Definition of Influence

(transitive) To have an effect on by using gentle or subtle action; to exert an influence upon; to modify, bias, or sway; to persuade or induce. | (intransitive) To exert, make use of one's influence. | (transitive, obsolete) To cause to flow in or into; infuse; instill.
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