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  • But how many of the influential of the earth think thus?
  • Not only a rich man, but an influential one.
  • Jefferson was an influential member of the body from the first.
  • They won the sympathy of the most influential men in the city.
  • I think he imagined that she was the more influential person of the two.
  • He was influential mainly through his numerous writings, which are still read.
  • They represent all the wealthy and influential Turkish families.
  • Henry Myers, the wealthy and influential father, considered this proposition.
  • Everything that was influential in His age and country turned against Him.

How To Use Influential In A Sentence?

  • Few factors are more influential in all these directions than the administration of law.
  • My family is already one of the wealthiest and most influential in our little community.
  • She had discovered very early that the last thing influential people will do is to work.
  • A certain influential man denied that head-hunting is a religious ceremony among them.
  • I suggested the scheme of vengeance, and worked to get the influential men together.
  • For I was even then sufficiently influential as a critic to manage this for him.
  • Gideon Morse, then a young and very influential man, became a member of this Society.
  • A series of delightful biographies of men who have been influential in great crises in the history of the church.
  • It was through her influential friends at court that he was helped into possession of his property, and it was she who maintained it for him.
  • Senator Jones was the chairman, and Mr. Bland, of Missouri, was an influential member.
  • They were accommodated in a small house for the time being, where the most influential people of the city came to visit them.
  • Hubert noticed that folk were still asking for their seats, and pushing down the very rows in which the most influential critics were sitting.
  • I have never known a woman being head of a tribe, but sometimes a woman is the most influential member of a tribe.
  • No influential member has, so far as it is known, proposed that the order should be dismantled of its secret features.
  • Table-talk, by its informality and by the aid of the pleasures of social eating, is one of the most influential means of education.
  • If the one taking the head desires continued peace, some of its most influential men hasten to the other pueblo to talk the matter over.
  • He was a highly honorable, painstaking man, and deservedly enjoyed the entire confidence of all his numerous and influential clients.
  • Of all the influential men in British public life there was only one who at that time took an optimistic attitude.
  • And yet it was toleration, and the law was all the more influential as an example, perhaps, because it was only practical and quite incongruous.
  • For important affairs there was the hermit of the mountain; for more trifling difficulties the wise and influential Faizi.
  • Very little is known of these early ancestors, but the name is still an influential one among the old Knickerbocker families.
  • After the death of Maurepas, minister and counsellor to the king, the queen became more influential in court matters.
  • By keeping in touch with American journalists and other influential persons he did much good work, particularly in the first months of the war.
  • I call this the Zarathustra motive, following the weight of critical opinion, but various influential critics dissent.
  • I shall be glad to do all I can to help her into the influential and well-balanced future I see before her.
  • In the time of the Ptolemies, influential people, such as priests and military functionaries, made them without scruple.
  • Those that have married have in most instances become the founders of prosperous christian homes, and the most influential leaders in their several communities.
  • He learned that "the most influential man down there" was General Keith, and that his place was for sale.
  • Truxton heard the Committee discussing the fiasco that attended his first attempt to draw the brainy, influential American out of the arena.
  • She and her husband had accomplished what well-organized boards and influential committees with fleet financial agents, had not been able to consummate.
  • Half a century ago, in the Middle West, the strong men and the influential families were largely farmers.

Definition of Influential

Having or exerting influence. | A person who has influence
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