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  • But the influenza it proved to be.
  • The influenza carries off the rich and poor alike.
  • If you ask me, it's influenza you're sickening for.
  • She is not a strong woman, and she had a bad attack of influenza last week.
  • The pneumonia patients, Spanish influenza and wounded were all fed alike.
  • Poor Miss Winthrop has influenza and they both wish they had taken this trip.
  • That fiendish malefactor, the Influenza Bacillus, has been caught at last!
  • Anne suffered from asthma; Mr. Bronte and Branwell had influenza and cough.

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  • Many cases of influenza with high temperatures, also rheumatisms and bad feet, very few wounded.
  • This was complicated by the influenza epidemic, which for several weeks suspended all public gatherings.
  • A man suffering from influenza does not expect to die, and it seemed strange to me that he should arrange details of his funeral.
  • We hated the name, but the christening "just happened" with the suddenness of influenza or an earthquake.
  • The health of the men was exceptional, as none of the men contracted influenza which was very prevalent on the other three ships of the convoy.
  • Red Cross medicines are credited with having checked the serious influenza epidemic and with having worked against its recurrence.
  • But the influenza poison, recklessly defied from the beginning, had laid too deadly a grip on an already weakened heart.
  • It happened, however, that very shortly afterwards the epidemic of influenza broke out, and we were all worked to death.
  • One person may resist a cold germ or the influenza bacillus better than another, that is, it will cause him only a little discomfort.
  • No ventilation and practically all with Spanish influenza and, in addition, many with gangrenous wounds.
  • A ranger from the station near there visited us, and two young ranchers, who told us that the influenza epidemic was waning.
  • Before half the perilous and tedious voyage was completed, the dreaded Spanish influenza broke out on three of the ships.
  • Without alluding to "Catherine," he hinted that the cure of influenza was not his only reason for foreign travel.
  • The world-wide influenza epidemic hit India particularly hard, millions of persons being carried off by the grim plague.
  • All this has not cured my Influenza as you may imagine: but these hours shall be remembered long after the Influenza is forgotten.
  • I am full of prospective work; but for the present a tenacious influenza greatly cripples me and prevents my making any definite arrangement for an expected operation on my eye.
  • It is far more deadly than tuberculosis and carries off every year nearly, if not quite, as many lives as influenza at the height of its epidemicity.
  • It is very probable that this affliction was nothing less than the notorious influenza which, in these later years, has cut down so many valuable lives throughout the world.

Definition of Influenza

(medicine) An acute contagious disease of the upper airways and lungs, caused by a virus, which rapidly spreads around the world in seasonal epidemics.
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