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  • And in the spring there would be a new influx of people in our section of the frontier.
  • They swung into the damp stream of men and women with a fresh influx of strength.
  • Always before, a sudden influx of joy testified itself by very active demonstrations.
  • Where there is no great influx of tourists, the hotel accommodation is decidedly poor.
  • It is only one sign of the influx of metropolitan ideas; but there are many others.
  • I woke up to a great noise of feet, a sudden influx of people through the doors of the platform.
  • The Doctor stood back and patiently waited while an influx of guests passed before her.
  • An influx of strangers, or even one inquisitive stranger, would attract attention.
  • But he drinks of a diviner stream, and marks the influx of idealism into England.
  • Also, Robert keeps boasting of his influx of energies, and his appetite is renewed.
  • Since the great influx of foreigners, however, plenty of Niphons have turned laundrymen.
  • The French Government fearing that this diminution would lead to an immense influx of such sols.
  • In late June at the Lavallette area there was an influx of unbanded Seaside Sparrows.
  • It is not likely that there has been much change or influx of population in these districts for centuries.
  • The influx of gold and the ease with which fortunes were accumulated could not but have widespread effects.
  • Primarily your job will be to balance the stores against the influx of coconut and keep an eye on these boys.
  • Wilson stretched himself out and gave himself up to the warm influx of life which came with the stimulation from the drink.
  • Underneath was the wasteway, but its usual roar was now subdued by an influx of water from the flooded creek.
  • There is the depopulation of the countryside, and the influx of foreign paupers into our already overcrowded towns.
  • The pace of its development will depend mainly upon a further influx of capital and an increase in its working population.
  • Some portions of our country have been built up into a high degree of prosperity by a steady influx of foreign settlers.
  • Should this influx of troops continue, we shall be compelled to advance our lines for very room on which to station them.
  • The most favourable conditions will, of course, be attained when the influx of heat is reduced to a minimum.
  • We saw the results in the awakened curiosity of the world, and in the speedy influx of capital to aid us in our recuperation.
  • Any seemingly authoritative announcement of a new theory of the voice was sure to bring its reward in an immediate influx of earnest students.
  • He feared, too, lest the peace and order of his settlement should be disturbed by the influx of so many idle strangers.
  • She remembered her mother's patience under the constant influx of Darcy relatives.
  • A keen, cold air smote against my face; and with it came a sudden influx of strength and self-possession.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Influx Of | Influx Of Sentence

  • It is the influx of the human heart.
  • They are the influx of the heart also.
  • No sudden influx of money will do all these things.
  • It opens the avenues to an influx of spiritual magnetisms.
  • Last of all came a sudden, swift influx of celestial blue.
  • London was all astir with the influx of company returning from the races.
  • Was it the end coming with a last influx of strength and fire?
  • A correspondent revolution in things will attend the influx of the spirit.
  • The greater the influx of workers, the more augmented became the value of land.
  • Congestion, of course, was a problem which accompanied the influx of negroes.
  • We hail with no alarm whatever the influx of colored men from the South.
  • We understand that an influx of treasure-seekers would embarrass the Sangoans.
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