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Definition of Inform

Without regular form; shapeless; ugly; deformed. | (archaic, transitive) To instruct, train (usually in matters of knowledge). | (transitive) To communicate knowledge to.

How To Use Inform In A Sentence?

  • Kindly inform me if any of my soldiers or followers overstep the bounds of prudence.
  • The pope at length determined to inform the captives of the fate destined for them.
  • And yet there was 'nothing to do,' as he was careful to inform everybody whom he asked down.
  • I find it very pleasant to inform you that when you are reading this, I will be dead.
  • None, however, could inform the inquisitors, and they awaited the reading of the charges.
  • Notwithstanding the two feminine appellatives, I must inform you that they were all males.
  • Can you inform me if any later intelligence has been received at the Manor House?
  • May I ask you graciously to inform me what length of stay you intend to make in Olmuetz?
  • That little devil, Louise Aubin, would be sure to get wind of it and inform the police.
  • With scant courtesy the Iron Count begged to inform Prince Robin that his rule was at an end.
  • Others believe in the creation of counter-organizations to inform and encourage the loyal elements.
  • On the way he informed me that he doubted the wisdom of a message and that he intended to so inform those to whom he had given encouragement.
  • But they omit to inform the public that not a single one of those translations obtained the approbation of a bishop.
  • Her confessor consulted his superiors, and told her that it would be his duty to inform the public prosecutor.
  • He was desolated to be compelled to inform us that there were no red meats of any sort to be had, but only sea foods.
  • With all the modern appliances, it would require months of time to inform three millions of people of any fact.
  • The Captain had to go on shore and inform the sanitary officers that a death had occurred on board.
  • They are under obligation to write to Mexico, in order to inform the tribunal of charges and accusations.
  • I believe few men are readier to own their errors than I, or more thankful to those who will please to inform me of them.
  • But she thought it her duty to write to him and inform him herself of her engagement; and neither Owen nor her grandmother opposed her doing so.
  • Can any one versed in Cromwellian lore kindly inform me if any such will is in existence; and if so, what is its date?
  • The archbishop of Manila was to have part in everything, and he was to inform his Majesty of what should be done.
  • The first thing I did was to hasten to the house of my beloved, in order to inform her of every circumstance attending the transaction.
  • Write to me immediately, to inform me of your health and welfare; and if you want anything, you need but open your mouth, and it shall be measured.
  • I must inform your graces that Sancho Panza is one of the most pleasant squires that ever served a knight-errant.
  • In the agitated mood these feelings produced, a servant came to inform him that Mr. Scanlan had just arrived.
  • She had in her pocket the note he had written on the previous evening, begging her to inform Mr. Bragg of their engagement.
  • The little man went out, and Gideon, after taking off his cape, left us to go and inform the young countess of my arrival.
  • Mr. Sergei Antonovitch Kovroff was so good as to inform me of a certain intention of yours about the dust.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Inform | Inform Sentence

  • Why did you not inform me that before?
  • Can any of your readers inform me who this lady was?
  • Nay, weep not; but inform me.
  • Fain would hear; inform him thou.
  • Should I inform the police?
  • Holz can inform me whether we meet here or in Vienna.
  • Or should I go out and inform the first constable I met?
  • I regard him too much to inform such as thou with obedience.
  • You can hardly write yourself and inform her that you died on the voyage.
  • Nor did his Highness inform me that he had had my debts assigned to him.
  • The Count is to inform us before nightfall where she is to be removed to.
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