Informal In A Sentence

How To Use Informal In A Sentence?

  • Only persons of very shallow scientific learning use it on such informal occasions.
  • But to my great satisfaction we wuz all invited to the palace to a big informal reception.
  • It is intended to be an informal report to my chief, of the islands we are to visit.
  • They were great friends these two, and many an informal chat had they had together.
  • But one general meeting, with some minor and informal ones, is on the programme for them.
  • Barcroft had, in fact, gone well inland over the German batteries, on a sort of informal joy-ride.
  • The same tendencies will influence the more informal and indirect religious education of children in the family.
  • First I called at the State Department and had an informal talk with Secretary Knox.
  • They were usually followed by an informal supper to which were invited personal friends and visitors.
  • At an informal repast, where there is but one principal dish, it is proper to pass the plate for more.
  • His solitary hope now was, that the deputies whom he had summoned would ignore his informal mandate by failing to appear.
  • He recalled his own subtlety and agility with a genuine smile as he exchanged his dripping uniform for more informal trousers and a house coat.
  • You used to complain about getting into evening dress for dinner; and now when they are as informal as a church supper you row even more.
  • The accompanying certificate (p. 52) is particularly recommended as preferable to an informal statement.
  • An informal exhibition had been arranged, consisting of pictures loaned by friends, and including several by members of the club.
  • You could refuse the informal affairs on the plea of a previous engagement, and give me the list of the inevitable ones the first of the week.
  • The President asked me to come to lunch with him, which was another of those delightful, informal meetings.
  • Paul gave his informal second a smile of confidence, for second he was with his encouraging tongue, even though bound and helpless otherwise.
  • In addition we followed the pleasant custom of the President and had guests to informal luncheons three or four times a week.
  • She hoped that Harry had not heard her as he came in, since it was his informal fashion to await her in the large entrance hall.
  • By the last post he received an informal note from Violet, inviting him to a picnic tea on the following day.
  • The matter is already so far advanced that within a month the various rulers of the States involved are to have a secret and informal meeting.
  • She wore a Jaeger nightgown and her head, with its white hair coiled at the top, was curiously unaltered by its informal setting.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Informal | Informal Sentence

  • The informal meeting was aghast.
  • There were to be informal gatherings in different rooms.
  • There was an informal reception in the church vestry.
  • Quite informal dinner, you know.
  • We sometimes had informal music in my little blue salon.
  • A brief, informal petition by father or mother.
  • Supervisor Jakes was as informal as his superior.
  • My dear Sir: When the letter is informal use a comma.
  • Schofield, J. M., informal mission to France, 227.
  • This accidental and informal presentation was a very pleasant incident.
  • We are all going there for an informal dinner-party and to spend the night.
  • The conversation ran on for an hour and a half in a very informal way.
  • The meetings were informal and no minutes were taken or other record made.
  • These were quite informal gatherings, only Chaddites being present.
  • The Court being in mourning, all entertaining was informal and more intimate.
  • Men and ideas; an informal history of Chinese political thought.
  • On Saturday afternoons they have an informal open house at Samvad.

Definition of Informal

Not formal or ceremonious. | Not in accord with the usual regulations. | Suited for everyday use.
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