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  • The infusion of the flowers is antispasmodic.
  • The infusion of the wood is equally good.
  • An infusion of the flowers is used internally in dysentery.
  • And this infusion of the gentler blood may have been very large.
  • The second feature is the infusion of pure poetry into drama.
  • An infusion of the leaves is given as a diuretic and digestive tonic.
  • An infusion of the leaves is used as a wash for ulcers and indolent sores.
  • Some brewers made use of the infusion of malt instead of sugar colouring.
  • The infusion of the root is used for the same effect, as a lotion or injection.

How To Use Infusion Of In A Sentence?

  • Rumphius is authority for the statement that the infusion of the leaves is used in cholera.
  • An infusion of the leaves and flowers is used as an emollient in place of mallows.
  • The infusion of capital into the business acted on him like a powerful stimulant.
  • The native women use the infusion of its aromatic leaves to induce menstruation.
  • The gradual infusion of the military spirit into the masses had made them passive and obedient.
  • The ashes are also mixed in an infusion of ginger and given internally in dropsy.
  • Here we might hope to escape the troublesome infusion of sex difference and sex attraction.
  • The only medicine attempted to be given was a weak infusion of bark, and this was soon abandoned.
  • The dusky hues of her complexion were also attributed to an infusion of African blood.
  • Certain commentators have seen in the Septuagint itself the infusion of Greek philosophical ideas.
  • The infusion of the bruised leaves (10 grams to water 300 cc.) is given up to 200 cc.
  • Take an infusion of quassia, one pint; brown sugar, four ounces, ground pepper, two ounces.
  • You may colour them yellow by mixing in with the other ingredients a little of the infusion of saffron.
  • Sentiment is nothing to be ashamed of, and perhaps an infusion of sentiment in politics is what we need.
  • When men devise their own equipage, they invariably impart to it a strong infusion of their own idiosyncrasy.
  • The infusion of the leaves is bitter and aromatic and is used in catarrhal inflammations of the stomach and intestines and in intermittent fevers.
  • Probably an infusion of the dried leaves or an extract prepared from the green plant would retain all its active properties.
  • I have also observed this peculiarity of the eye in one who had drunk a strong extract of the infusion of coca leaves.
  • The infusion of the root is used internally as an emollient and refrigerant; externally in skin diseases accompanied by smarting and inflammation.
  • A cold infusion of this little plant is used as a domestic remedy in cases of fever, where a cooling drink is desired.
  • Dr. Evers experimented with the powder and an infusion of the bark obtaining a strong diaphoretic action.
  • The inhabitants of the Peruvian forests drink an infusion of the green bark as a remedy against intermitting fever.
  • An infusion of basswood flowers has long been a home remedy for indigestion, nervousness, coughs, and hoarseness.
  • Her voice is under absolute command, and she manages it beautifully, but it wants the infusion of Malibran.
  • The infusion of roasted and ground coffee seeds constitutes a beverage of Arabic origin, but now common all over the world.
  • For rheumatism, headache, and debility they have no remedies, but for fever they use an infusion of willow bark, which is not efficacious.
  • A well-chosen library, with most of the standard authors and a reasonable infusion of modern light literature, filled up one end of the room.
  • There might be a superficial show of changed conditions, an apparent infusion of democracy, but, in reality, the substance remained the same.
  • A lotion of corrosive sublimate, one to four grains to the ounce; infusion of tobacco; a ten to twenty per cent.
  • Her sad old heart has need to be revived by the rich infusion of Geneva which is mixed half and half with hot water in the tumbler.
  • I am contented; still, I think an infusion of the spiritual would be quite appropriate in such a mass.
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