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  • All his ingenious simplicity had deserted him.
  • These are extremely ingenious in their construction.
  • Remarks upon two late ingenious discourses....
  • The story was, to say the least, a most ingenious one.
  • He scratched his ingenious head and examined the ammunition.
  • Any name could be fitted into this convenient and ingenious song.
  • An ingenious story of a world-startling international intrigue.
  • It was an ingenious notion to store them under the roof of a known loyalist.
  • This ingenious document received immediately the widest approval.
  • He seemed to have an ingenious answer always upon the tip of his tongue.
  • The huge revolving star-wheel was nothing but an ingenious movable staircase.
  • Let us adopt our learned brother's ingenious device.
  • Yehl, by an ingenious stratagem, got possession of the boxes.
  • They were as active and ingenious in business as the Normans themselves.
  • This is provided for in a very ingenious way in the key shown in Fig.

How To Use Ingenious In A Sentence?

  • Ibsen has, it will be seen given a number of ingenious developments to the analogy.
  • In many ingenious ways the chasers supplemented the work of other anti-submarine craft.
  • All these he kept in his drawers and shelves, and made a great many ingenious things with them.
  • It is surprising how much may be said on both sides of the question, by ingenious casuists.
  • Not reformers, of course, in the true, high sense of the word, but as ingenious counterfeits.
  • The curious and self-protective devices by which he secured secrecy were sometimes more ingenious than dignified.
  • A distinctly different story that deals with a wronged man's ingenious revenge.
  • Delia was accustomed to use the dolls not only for the purpose of instruction, but sometimes for reproof, in many ingenious ways.
  • Those arguments are, perhaps, as ingenious and plausible as it is possible for the human intellect to invent in the defence of such a cause.
  • Some ingenious thinkers, on both sides of the question, have not been fully satisfied with this method of stating the grounds of our opinion.
  • The chlorine escapes as a gas, and by an ingenious mechanical device the sodium hydroxide is prevented from mixing with the salt in the solution.
  • If men of publick spirit must be superciliously treated for their ingenious attempts, how will true useful knowledge be ever advanced?
  • Any ingenious boy can fit these lenses to an ordinary kaleidoscope, and fit it to a stand, which may be placed on a table.
  • What a number of ingenious reasons have been latterly given for the decline of the Drama, and the decrease of interest now felt for the stage.
  • The score was close; it was only through ingenious manipulation by their opponents that Wyatt and his partner were forced to win a small sum.
  • There is hardly a political disturbance anywhere but what ingenious Catholics will manage to connect with Luther.
  • How it came to pass that the family was not displaced by some Norman baron, an ingenious novelist may be able perhaps to tell.
  • It was an ingenious contrivance, by which a man with a strong back and of a strong constitution, could clean some twenty bushels in a single day).
  • Reading of the French machines we are fascinated by the many types and patterns that the ingenious Frenchmen were able to devise.
  • To overcome this obstacle the Wright brothers had adopted the ingenious method of wing-warping, imitated directly from the habits of birds.
  • All that is most lavish and most ingenious in the imaginative power and the executive ability of man had been laid under contribution to produce the effect which now enthralled his senses.
  • We are ingenious in taking to ourselves credit even for our inferiority, and it is contended that our understandings are more cultivated and our passions more under the dominion of reason.
  • I had another ingenious plan (if I may say so) in connection with pheasants, and, perhaps, the most successful.
  • The tower and spire were strengthened by an ingenious system of iron ties planned by Mr. Shields, the well-known engineer.
  • They beheld themselves as ingenious and memorable founders of a potential landed aristocracy whose possessions were more extended than that of Europe.

Definition of Ingenious

Displaying genius or brilliance; tending to invent. | Characterized by genius; cleverly done or contrived. | Witty; original; shrewd; adroit; keen; sagacious.
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