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  • And the ingenuity displayed in the smallest things!
  • No doubt the experts will admire its ingenuity and confirm my assertions.
  • All that is required is ingenuity in one's expenditure.
  • If so, let your ingenuity say what is to be the security.
  • All that ingenuity could suggest had been brought to bear upon his plan.
  • The energy and the ingenuity of man are an over-match even for time.
  • Will any man insist that the ingenuity of the Almighty is exhausted?
  • With ingenuity that seemed diabolical, Kut-le laid his course.
  • Miss Arnold and I, therefore, exerted all our ingenuity to keep her at home.

How To Use Ingenuity In A Sentence?

  • Every kind of opposition has been manifested which the ingenuity of man could dictate.
  • Diabolic ingenuity in invention though as old as the world is by no means a lost art.
  • The whole thing was most carefully planned beforehand with diabolic ingenuity and resource.
  • The ingenuity and quick wit of the man in the engine-cab more than once was called into play.
  • The intensely interesting situation is developed with much ingenuity and power....
  • When this is done, a lady of common ingenuity can cut and fit a dress, by these patterns.
  • In those days I used symbols made with some ingenuity instead of merely imagining them.
  • Only in this instance far more ingenuity had been displayed in the number and nature of the side attractions.
  • The unknown girl had promised him a way through her window and he had confidence in her ingenuity and daring.
  • Does not the gratuitous ingenuity of the young bipeds indicate a far higher degree of intelligence?
  • The ingenuity of device and boldness of execution of his astounding adventures keep the reader enthralled to the very end.
  • A great deal of ingenuity has been exerted toward the end of producing a reliable and durable switchboard cord.
  • And much ingenuity with a little money is vastly more profitable and amusing than much money without ingenuity.
  • There is a charm in tracing the ingenuity of the author, and a sense of satisfaction in his firm grasp of his subject.
  • Ingenuity could no further go; and besides its ingenuity the story can boast of some clever and effective writing.
  • He found that the chips would go into the wheelbarrow beautifully, and he was quite pleased with his own ingenuity in thinking of it.
  • Considerable ingenuity has to be displayed in the arrangement of the machines, so that one section will not work faster or slower than another.
  • They have all sorts of talents, these people, but so little ingenuity in using them that they never accomplish anything.
  • All that malice could invent or ingenuity distort, was brought forward to give importance to the accusations laid against him.
  • There is less scope for field ingenuity in taking game birds; but at the same time there is always the probability of more wholesale destruction.
  • We will, however, state the fact, leaving it to the ingenuity of our readers to discover what we dare not publish.
  • On making another effort when morning came, it taxed his ingenuity and that of other interested and willing helpers to get the box open.
  • There was a mixture of ingenuity and brutality about that move which not even Kravonian notions could easily accept.
  • Here he was, one man in the bowels of earth pitting his strength, his ingenuity against something incredible, unbelievable.
  • Many ingeniously wrought specimens of Yankee ingenuity were sold clandestinely to the rebel guards, who ventured to disobey strict orders.
  • For a hundred years (1691-1782) they ruled the Irish people with the strictest severity that human ingenuity could devise.
  • There is no possible picture that will not suggest to a person possessed of ordinary ingenuity an endless number of talks to interest and amuse the child.
  • He had evidently been done to death and his body disposed of without a single inquiry, while the crime had been concealed with an ingenuity which appalled me.
  • It requires great ingenuity to make out such a parallel between the two cases as to found a charge of inconsistency in the principles assumed in arguing the one and the other.
  • The ingenuity of man was now turned to the mechanical part, and one invention followed another with a constant development in the power of illumination.
  • She had tortured her ingenuity for details which should indicate her anger; nor was she satisfied if her displeasure should not find its way into every cabin and at every hearth.

Definition of Ingenuity

The ability to solve difficult problems, often in original, clever, and inventive ways. | (now rare) Ingenuousness; honesty, straightforwardness
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