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  • Silks and moquette harmonize as well as calico and ingrain once did.
  • They've tracked it all over, and this ingrain carpet can't be cleaned.

How To Use Ingrain In A Sentence?

  • The disputes are valueless; they but ingrain the difference; the heroic heart of woman prompting her at once to nail her colours to the mast.
  • The floor was carpeted with a deeper shade of ingrain filling, upon which lay two pretty rugs in pink and green.
  • A dingy ingrain carpet was worn thin in numerous places; no two pieces of furniture were even remotely related to one another in style or age.
  • Derry then diverted the appropriation for an ingrain carpet to an expenditure for shellac and paint with which he showed Amarilly how to do the floors.
  • The silence that followed this was broken only by the purring of Pearl who had established herself upon a broad beam of sunshine which lay across the ingrain carpet.

Definition of Ingrain

Dyed with grain, or kermes. | Dyed before manufacture; said of the material of a textile fabric; hence, in general, thoroughly inwrought; forming an essential part of the substance. | (transitive) To dye with a fast or lasting colour.
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