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How To Use Ingrate In A Sentence?

  • I should feel an ingrate if I permitted you to leave without accepting my hospitality.
  • But you have remembered me, Edith, even in the depth of your joy, ingrate that I am.
  • On the one hand, I could not leave my mother; I were a heartless ingrate to do that.
  • Tu passes, infidèle, âme ingrate et légère, La nuit avec le fils, le jour avec le père!
  • She owed more to him than to any living being; it would be the part of an ingrate to leave him; it was cowardly to shrink from repaying the debt.
  • Why, to triumph over that ingrate Lawrence by a conquest of the only man within reach who is admitted to be his superior.
  • I know this man, and I identify him as the base ingrate who stole my new wheelbarrow and my garden utensils.
  • They from the Lord depart: Their healing their disease is now, Bred in an ingrate heart.
  • For whatever of benefit men can say or can do for anyone, such have been thy sayings and thy doings, and all thy confidences have been squandered on an ingrate mind.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Ingrate | Ingrate Sentence

  • It all made him seem an ingrate and a swindler.
  • Je serais bien ingrate de ne point le payer de retour!
  • I, the recipient of the master's favors, an ingrate and a wretch!

Definition of Ingrate

(obsolete, poetic) ungrateful | (obsolete) unpleasant, unfriendly [18th c.] | an ungrateful person
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