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  • You are in no danger of inhaling poisonous sediment.
  • Several sick persons were healed by merely inhaling it.
  • It was like inhaling a warm, comforting darkness....
  • Thus Brown, after inhaling literary atmosphere.
  • Many people are in the pernicious habit of inhaling through the mouth.
  • All appeared to be inhaling air of exceptional stimulating power.
  • The first two minutes were conscientiously spent in inhaling oxygen.
  • Another cigarette was lighted; more inhaling went on unchecked.
  • He never spoke a sentence without first inhaling a full breath.
  • Open the mouth without inhaling and make the sound of "e" as in when.
  • Then I drew in a long one, inhaling all the air my lungs would hold.

How To Use Inhaling In A Sentence?

  • Since we are constantly inhaling nitrogen, it is evident that it is not poisonous.
  • Too much inbreathing and too violent an effort at inhaling will not help the singer at all.
  • It is a most foolish idea that we catch cold by inhaling the cool breeze of the morning.
  • Therefore, no sooner were they inhaling the savor of the soup than she began her interrogation.
  • After exercise in slowly inhaling and exhaling the breath, comes the uniting of the registers.
  • It had the shape of a huge yellow and white sack, and kept inhaling and exhaling in great gusts.
  • Ping sniffed, inhaling it with delight, while an anxious look of anticipation came into his eyes.
  • As he walked, inhaling the fragrance of the evening air, a new sanity seemed to descend on him.
  • In the emission of the actual tone itself I would advise the sensation of inhaling at first.
  • In the plant of Black and Bell at Stratford, this was prevented by inhaling turpentine.
  • We should understand that even the most delicate people will be benefitted by systematically inhaling fresh air.
  • We should remember that these epidemics are due to our habit of defiling the air, and of inhaling this poisonous air.
  • She moved the rose spray against her face, inhaling its fragrance, and watching him through the leaves.
  • You read but the other day of an esteemed fellow-citizen who died from inhaling the vapors of a broken demijohn of a corrosive acid.
  • Children with dimpled hands thrown put over the pillow, with every breath inhaling a new store of fun and frolic.
  • Sitting by it, he held his face over it, with a cloth thrown over his head, thus inhaling the steam.
  • Amaryllis gasped as she sat down, and tried to breathe as short as possible, to avoid inhaling more than she could bear.
  • They are divided into five or six segments, and the scent of them is so delicious, that it ravishes the senses while inhaling its odour.
  • We sat with determined countenances, exhaling smoke and inhaling punch, while the voice still rolled onward.
  • They took it sociably, they lingered at the window, inhaling the odour of the fresh wet that splashed over the sultry town.
  • He speaks of tinnitus, and gives me an inhaling apparatus that shall reach, he says, the middle ear.
  • Instead of roaming the streets and inhaling this unwholesome air, thou hadst better betake thyself to bed and try to obtain some sleep.
  • They sat at ease by the water-side, inhaling the fresh north breeze, under the shadow of trees which were always green.
  • He slept heavily all through the night, inhaling new strength and vitality with every breath of the crisp, fresh air.
  • It must be obvious, therefore, that the constant inhaling of smoke must even more directly irritate the mucous membrane.
  • He thinks that inhaling tubes made of silver or gold are much better than those made of wood or India-rubber.
  • Take five deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling, filling the lower part of the chest, and at the end of the breath expelling all the air you can.
  • It is not improbable that when she bent over the foot she was supposed to be inhaling or swallowing the anito which she later sought to cast from her.
  • Then, not waiting to be served, he ran into the vestibule, and soon was on the station platform, inhaling huge drafts of air into his big chest.

Definition of Inhaling

present participle of inhale | inhalation
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