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How To Use Inheritors In A Sentence?

  • And what the reason that stood between its inheritors and their enjoyment of it?
  • Both men were the descendants of a privileged order; both were inheritors of a formal and authentic tradition.
  • Unlike most inheritors of great wealth, he not only spent freely but added even more freely to the ancestral holdings.
  • I would not pin these little inheritors of the earth to one seat, or always check the wild burst of delight, or the ringing laugh.
  • The laws are rigid, and all that is necessary to be done is for the lawful inheritors to decide which particular property becomes the possession of each.
  • Whatever of good, of holy, of pure, has ever been said or done within the Church, Protestants are the rightful inheritors of it all.
  • The men who explored and took possession of the air in the twentieth century are the inheritors of the men who explored and took possession of America in the sixteenth century.
  • She was the child of a second marriage, and by a first marriage her mother had given birth to a son and a daughter, who were the inheritors of the peerage, both of whom were still living.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Inheritors | Inheritors Sentence

  • Then there are the inheritors of wealth.
  • They were the inheritors of the land that we live in.
  • The inheritors of Hanover seemed decidedly ousted.
  • A new spirit had come upon the indolent inheritors of an ancient name.
  • We, the latest age, are the inheritors of all the foregoing ages.

Definition of Inheritors

plural of inheritor
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