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  • We call it an inhuman glorification of a pagan deity.
  • The whole country was aroused over these inhuman outrages.
  • If it rusts, the body reverts to inhuman instincts.
  • It is hard, cruel, inhuman of them to treat me thus!
  • The inhuman wretch Has sold my Pamphila.
  • The Wounded Hare Inhuman man!
  • John had been inhuman if this knowledge had not been as spikenard to him.
  • It is something inhuman and unmitigated between heaven and earth.
  • Besides this, it was inhuman to separate families as they did.
  • Ere ceased the inhuman shout which hailed the wretch who won.
  • It's absolutely inhuman of me to bet on a horse.
  • Nor do these inhuman birds intend stopping with the use of seed globes.
  • He was that almost inhuman phenomenon, a sensualist with a soul.
  • Her look of almost inhuman cleanliness added force to the simile.
  • She might have been made thus inhuman by the force of an invisible purpose.
  • On a view of their consequences, it is almost inhuman to treat them lightly.
  • I sat motionless as the dead, whilst I deciphered these inhuman words.
  • You see that, as inhuman as I am, I do not forget who you are, and who I am.

How To Use Inhuman In A Sentence?

  • When he is guilty of such inhuman treatment as to endanger the life of his wife.
  • There was something inhuman in the deliberateness of it, something unforgivable.
  • You mean to say that you charge thirteen dollars for these damned inhuman hospitalities of yours?
  • Without any real cause they fell upon some redskins and butchered several in an inhuman way.
  • I cannot believe that the majority of our people are such inhuman characters as Elder and Swartz.
  • But keen remorse, which vengeful furies lead, Will act her part for this inhuman deed.
  • He may be suffering tortures and all those inhuman wretches think about is getting clear of being found out.
  • Animals fighting to the death are not so vile, nor so inhuman as men can be in the hour of what they call victory.
  • Even had not sense of discipline precluded, that of a certain inhuman atmosphere made fearful creatures of them all.
  • A cruel and inhuman master was ostrazied and taught by the silent contempt of his neighbors a lesson which he seldom failed to learn.
  • Let us go into the castle and see what remains there to explain the reputation of inhuman cruelty which history has conferred on these kings.
  • It grieved her to see her religion defile itself by cruel and inhuman persecutions and tortures, by intolerance and injustice.
  • They are so inhuman and churlish a race that they do not care whether those whom they kill are women, children, or men.
  • Besides, it would have been almost inhuman to delay the meeting of the husband and wife, so long parted.
  • We can feel no pity for this inhuman monster; and should he resist, there is every hope that he will be killed in the fight.
  • It would have been inhuman for Goritz to have taken her such a distance without a chance for rest or recuperation.
  • It was a cruel, vindictive look, almost inhuman in its intensity; and it came from flanking bull calves.
  • He did not know these mechanisms, their great, human-contrived, inhuman power, and he wanted to know them.
  • Francis of Assisi became a great saint by that very inhuman treatment of himself for which Luther is censured.
  • Did he not stand silent when accused of inhuman conduct towards this lady, I should hesitate to believe him guilty of such an atrocity.
  • Nothing but death lay here; death in these gaunt solitudes; death in these dry deserts; death amid these ghastly, haggard wrecks of inhuman things.
  • Who to the gods ascribe a thirst for blood Do misconceive their nature, and impute To them their own inhuman dark desires.

Definition of Inhuman

Of or pertaining to inhumanity and the indifferently cruel, sadistic or barbaric behavior it brings.
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