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  • Has it been noticed how inhumanly immoral this great poet is?
  • The travellers had sought shelter for the night, and were inhumanly murdered.

How To Use Inhumanly In A Sentence?

  • No one unaided, could be quite so inhumanly vacuous as the audiences in the theatres expected him to be.
  • It seemed to me that it could not be so unnaturally, so inhumanly still, if there were a living, breathing creature there.
  • The old and the sick, who were unable to fly, or to make resistance, were either made prisoners or most inhumanly butchered!
  • But the remaining ear was pointed at the top like a satyr's, and his little beady eyes were as black as a bird's and inhumanly bright.
  • A supernatural alacrity seemed to animate them, when they accompanied their husbands into distant countries, and even when they immured themselves with them in the fetid ships into which they were inhumanly crowded.
  • The common seamen therein (who are Filipino natives) are inhumanly treated, and many of them die from hunger, thirst, or cold, on each voyage.
  • Waters surveyed it for a space of moments with a faint interest in its mere grotesqueness; it did not change nor shift under his scrutiny, but continued to glare inhumanly like a baleful lamp.

Definition of Inhumanly

In an inhuman manner.
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