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  • The initiative was not hers.
  • The initiative was his.
  • Somehow our initiative took us in the other direction.
  • He has stamina; he can take the initiative in emergencies.
  • Trouble with people today, no initiative in obsolescing.
  • The other man had the initiative now, let him use it.
  • And also I had far more initiative than had she.
  • That personal initiative it is necessary to develop in the worker.
  • Even the young bride took the initiative in talking to Dr. Sutton.

How To Use Initiative In A Sentence?

  • On his initiative a small dining club of scientific friends and allies was established.
  • The initiative and the general distribution of work would come from those who know the soil.
  • Her brave initiative allowed several French soldiers to escape from captivity.
  • This courageous initiative failed under a severe fire from fifty meters of German trenches.
  • During two years of diplomatic fencing the initiative had been Russian, the instigation French.
  • How little originality and initiative he showed and how dependent he was on his own atmosphere for thrills!
  • The minute was the more awkward for him owing to the fact that she did not take the initiative in carrying it off.
  • Because he has no initiative of his own, he has to depend upon the ideas which other men supply him.
  • The selfish initiative of Austria was followed by Prussia and the South German States.
  • It is not food that will fail, if boldness of thought and initiative are not wanting to the revolution.
  • He had initiative and vision and judgment, and such qualities she felt sure were bound to tell in the end.
  • We should say that, instead of causing wars, by any initiative of its own, it is itself caused by wars.
  • It seemed to leave almost everything to local initiative and local control, thus appealing to local patriotism.
  • It prizes initiative above conformity, responsibility above mere efficiency, social good will above unthinking obedience.
  • Combine with this artistic temperament an inherent lack of initiative and courage, a less resistant force, and the product is sure.
  • If, however, he were re-elected without this, he would have to make up his mind to take the initiative himself.
  • Passion might be all right for men with whom every initiative of life lay, but unbecoming for women to acknowledge, even to themselves.
  • It was a proof, however, of the degree to which his own initiative had failed him that he cowered before her judgment, with little or no protest.
  • Finally it was Kate who was forced to take the initiative with this big, loose-limbed man of the plains.
  • He made no reply, but having finished dinner, rose abruptly, without waiting for the initiative to come from her.
  • Then, tired of this method, de Schoen took the initiative and presented a declaration of war from his government.
  • It was at Helen's initiative that they left Richard alone for a moment over his port.
  • It may be that the Austrians secretly admired these men and were too tired of war to take the initiative in Siberia.
  • They do not mean that the Allies have lost the initiative in the Western theatre, nor that they are likely to lose it.
  • She had thought it at first her duty to take the initiative in pointing out the gulf of difficulties that had suddenly opened up between her lover and herself.
  • The Austro-Marxist is inexhaustible when it is a question of discovering reasons to prevent initiative and render difficult revolutionary action.
  • They have also complained of their legislatures far more loudly than they have of their courts, and latterly have subjected them to the initiative and referendum and in some instances to the recall.
  • In these and doubtless in other ways the idea we are dealing with is being promulgated, and up to a certain point this fact of promiscuous initiative is entirely satisfactory and desirable.
  • This meant giving a free hand to Don Luis Perenna and relying on his power of initiative and his perspicacity.
  • Here we can best combine the initiative and spirit that usually come from the upper classes with the great powers of achieving aggregate results inherent in the people as a whole.
  • He is mainly occupied in merely removing the obstacles which hinder the free and unembarrassed action of those about him, and he concurs with their movements rather than takes the initiative himself.

Definition of Initiative

Serving to initiate; inceptive; initiatory; introductory; preliminary. | In which voter initiatives can be brought to the ballot. | A beginning; a first move.
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