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  • Also give an injection of boiled starch.
  • The decoction is very useful as an injection in leucorrhoea.
  • It is just possible that he made an injection through his clothes.
  • Give with a syringe an injection of a tablespoonful of linseed oil.
  • It is also of value as an injection in diarrhoea and dysentery.
  • The morphine injection and the Roentgen rays are by far more dangerous.
  • The fruit is astringent and is used in Java as an injection for gonorrhoea.

How To Use Injection In A Sentence?

  • What sort of a syringe is to be preferred for giving an injection to an infant?
  • The most convenient way of heating the water is by the direct injection of steam.
  • A cold water injection in moderate quantities before retiring has cured many patients.
  • In the latter case, the matter of injection is effused into the intestinal or gastric cavity.
  • The juice of the root makes a useful wash for gangrenous ulcers and a good injection for fistula.
  • After a further interval of seven days repeat the injection of washed cells from 10 c.c.
  • Intestines distended, shining, and very vascular, with capillary injection when viewed externally.
  • The site selected for the injection in the rabbit is the posterior auricular vein (see Fig.
  • Lacking trust, Manguino ordered the injection to be given to Polis first and then to Eckma.
  • He walked over to the stricken mechanics and administered an injection into the neck muscles of each man.
  • He was the discoverer of the anti-typhoid injection which has done so much to stay the ravages of that disease.
  • Without removing the needle from the cornea attach the syringe and make the injection into the anterior chamber.
  • Only such cows shall be admitted to the herd as have not re-acted to a diagnostic injection of tuberculin.
  • The trunk bark is astringent and is employed in decoction as a wash for ulcers and eczema and as an injection in leucorrhoea.
  • True lodes are veins of injection formed by the infiltration of silicated waters carrying the metals also in solution.
  • This treatment frequently causes colic, for the relief of which the author advises an injection of sweetened water.
  • His medical corps had also provided him with the injection and the needle, together with printed instructions for its use.
  • Prepare this strictly according to the directions on each package, and use it as a vaginal injection two or three times a day.
  • If death follows shortly after the injection of cultivations of bacteria, the inoculation experiments should be repeated two or three times.
  • Sorez could do nothing but administer a small injection of the soothing drug, but this brought instant relief and with it a few moments of sanity.
  • If patient refuses to swallow, from the pain caused by the effort, a nutrition injection must be resorted to.
  • After the convulsion is over, give the child a few doses of potassic bromide, and an injection of castor oil if the abdomen is swollen.
  • Then, while waiting for the servants, whom she had despatched for hot blankets, administered a hypodermic injection of brandy.
  • Surprise (see page 26) is the injection of the unexpected for the purpose of creating an unfavorable military situation for the enemy.
  • As soon as the liquid injection met the urine, the patient cried out that he was saved, and immediately was able to urinate as formerly.
  • Locally is used as an injection for blenorrhoea, as a gargle for sore throat or relaxed uvula, and a mouth wash to harden the gums.
  • Five minutes later have the animal firmly held by an assistant as in intravenous injection (see Fig.
  • A dying German, to whom she had just given an injection of camphorated oil, held out his hand, gropingly.
  • I first had an injection of "anti-tetanus" in the side, and the fact was recorded on a label tied to my left-hand top pocket button.

Definition of Injection

The act of injecting, or something that is injected. | A specimen prepared by injection. | (category theory) A morphism from either one of the two components of a coproduct to that coproduct.
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