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  • With this injunction they were too humane to comply.
  • The injunction was subsequently ratified.
  • The injunction was joyfully complied with.
  • Older people applaud that injunction wildly.
  • It is best to heed the injunction to silence.
  • Dan did not forget the injunction to keep on smiling.
  • Wade had read the injunction through to its bitter end.
  • The force of this injunction is shown by lines 815-819.
  • And, therefore, this injunction gave?
  • This injunction was obeyed by Cato without ceremony.
  • An injunction of Henry VIII.
  • Somers improved this opportunity to repeat the injunction of the general.
  • I've served an injunction on your boss.
  • The latter injunction was much easier to obey than the former.
  • On his son he laid a strict injunction not to meddle with public life.
  • To be 'righteous' was, I thought, an injunction chiefly adapted to the poor.

How To Use Injunction In A Sentence?

  • Now we have a reasonably large force, and can hold out until an injunction is procured.
  • The injunction to keep the Sabbath may well be carried out with the same spirit in various ways.
  • This injunction was, I take it, the origin of the licensing of the press of this country.
  • We argued the case before Justice Brewer, and he granted the injunction on the 28th of July, 1888.
  • The Boy Scouts have, I believe, a moral injunction to do at least one good action every day.
  • He explained to her the situation, and she undertook to see that the injunction should be carried out.
  • But this injunction was often treated as a dead letter up to the close of the century in which it was issued.
  • There seems to be implied the injunction that mankind can by virtue alone attain to the same spiritual freedom.
  • Perhaps as a father and husband, to shun the danger attending his stay was the injunction of his duty.
  • Then he remembered his master's injunction to shout, and he shouted accordingly.
  • There is good philosophy in the injunction to love our enemies, for they are often our best friends in disguise.
  • It is known that more than one sneaking vandal suffered for disobedience of the injunction given against entering deserted houses.
  • Since he would have none of the school, his father had him apprenticed out to a tailor with the injunction not to spare the rod.
  • Reverence for the last injunction of her deceased lord, induced the lady to obey, and she was united to his murderer.
  • The injunction that Jesus gave in regard to prayer is unquestionably the method that he found so effective and that he himself used.
  • But now the injunction was removed, for the doctor himself had asked whether he should tell Brennan to come out.
  • Plants obey the injunction of Tennyson and rise on the stepping stones of their dead selves to higher things.
  • Or, otherwise put, morality has to the keener inspection something in it which is more than the mere moral injunction at first indicates.
  • When this was done, the stone was handed to Ananda with an injunction to plant it in a place prepared to receive it.
  • The least effort of his will, or even less than that, a spontaneous injunction of his instinct, was enough to put a bullet into the enemy.
  • We saw him next morning, and his most earnest injunction was that we should leave the locality, which, according to him, was altogether unsafe.
  • It cannot be said the injunction was enforced; but it is a fact that from that time many church-goers were driven into the Methodist fold.
  • Foremost among these I may mention her solemn and oft-repeated injunction never to tell a lie without a definite and specific reason for doing so.
  • A boy, for example, seven or eight years old, receives from his father a present of a knife, with a special injunction to be careful of it.

Definition of Injunction

The act of enjoining; the act of directing, commanding, or prohibiting. | That which is enjoined; such as an order, mandate, decree, command, precept | (law) A writ or process, granted by a court of equity, and, in some cases, under statutes, by a court of law, whereby a party is required to do or to refrain from doing certain acts, according to the exigency of the writ.
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