Inlaying In A Sentence

Definition of Inlaying

present participle of inlay | An inlaid pattern.

How To Use Inlaying In A Sentence?

  • This taste for inlaying was carried to great lengths on the flat walls.
  • This inlaying of silver into copper is a step in the right direction, and should be encouraged by all lovers of art.
  • The bronze and iron ventilation gratings to the doors gave us glimpses of the coast through fretwork; the rich inlaying of woods surrounded us.
  • Dardelli was a Franciscan monk at Mantua, and occupied himself with making musical instruments and inlaying them.
  • The table gave a better opportunity than even the couch or chair for artistic workmanship, especially in the matter of carving and inlaying the legs and top.
  • It is said that its roots, left in the ground after the cutting of the shrub, become marbled with green, and are then very beautiful for inlaying in ornamental woodwork.
  • The sword is of ethereal temper, and nothing cuts so keen as its double edge; but there are jewels on the hilt, an exquisite inlaying on the scabbard.

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