Inlet in a sentence

Definition of Inlet

(transitive) To let in; admit. | (transitive) To insert; inlay. | A body of water let into a coast, such as a bay, cove, fjord or estuary.

How to use Inlet in a Sentence?

  • The town was on both sides of the inlet and about three miles from the head of the lake.
  • A glimpse of the inlet and the breakers far out on the bar beyond was visible between two islets.
  • Then we cross an inlet on a timber viaduct laid on piles driven into the bed of the lake.
  • At noon we landed in a pocket of an inlet on the south side of the cove toward its mouth.
  • These whales were all beautifully cooped in the narrow inlet and stranded on the beach, when lo!
  • So, presently the two walked together toward the inlet where the boat was tied.
  • When 17 miles within the inlet we reached the unbroken ice and made the ship fast.
  • The narrow "strait" of the inlet was hardly visible at any considerable distance.
  • One evening, however, they ran into an inlet with a forest-shrouded hollow at the head of it.
  • Far above the Maraposa golf links circled a lone osprey on its way to the inlet or ocean.
  • The trouble is, I was too sick to figure exactly where the small inlet they were camped by lies.
  • The difference in elevation between the inlet and discharge of No. 3 pipe is 565 feet.
  • While careening in an inlet in North Carolina he was attacked by two government sloops.
  • The Quatre Fourches is thus both an inlet and an outlet, but not of the lake in a right sense.
  • The town occupies a picturesque situation on an inlet opening into the Bay of La Foret.
  • The cottage was situated on a small inlet of the ocean a few miles east of the Cape Fear River.
  • On the east Zanzibar is bounded almost entirely by the Malagash Lagoon, an inlet of the sea.
  • Behind this lay an inlet in the bank which was filled by a slow swirl generated by a rapid immediately above.

Short Example Sentence for Inlet

  • Cross this inlet here.
  • They backed out of the inlet and paddled on down the creek.
  • The inlet was half a mile down the creek.
  • The entire inlet was no more than twenty feet across.
  • The one nearest to the hot air inlet should be selected.
  • One of these holes is the steam inlet and the other the exhaust.
  • Every man is an inlet to the same, and to all of the same.
  • I crossed the inlet with Mr. Reid and Mr. Adams to-day.
  • To the sportsman that unknown inlet is the dreamed-of paradise.
  • She breasted the fierce waves at the entrance to the inlet boldly.
  • Trash and drift around this inlet show that the water rises above its top.
  • Tunis is situated on the borders of a lake, or rather inlet of the sea.
  • Then a rushing noise was heard in the inlet pipe, similarly embedded.
  • I, who have seen a great many, have not yet seen an inlet into one.
  • When an inlet began to open out ahead Dick took up the glasses.
  • And I watched the inlet for other waifs; but nothing more came.
  • Like the beloved Black Lake it had both an inlet and an outlet.
  • From Gaeta to Castellammare stretched one wide inlet of the sea.
  • When the inlet was finally filled in it left the present "Broad" Street.
  • Mr. Kent, I think, told me that this inlet was from ten to twelve miles long.
  • Vocabulary of the Keni of Cook's Inlet Bay.
  • Every Inlet into the Place is by fine Avenues paved With Bricks.