Innuendo In A Sentence

How To Use Innuendo In A Sentence?

  • She looked at him with eagerness, an ugly, half-shrinking innuendo in her expression.
  • This gentle innuendo was lost on the men, but Bill Haskins vowed mighty vengeance.
  • There is as little foundation for such an innuendo as there is for the view which regards this depreciation as an issue of base money.
  • Either he pretended not to have heard the girl's innuendo or it failed to get under his skin.
  • Slightly by, the spoken word and the whistled innuendo followed her like a trail of bubbles in the wake of a flying-fish.
  • So with hint and innuendo she set herself to see how Greeba stood towards the future she had planned for her.
  • Velasquez saw, by the innuendo in the words of Cortez, that the latter was aware of his intention to deprive him of his command.
  • Edward Henry inquired, putting into the query all the innuendo of a man accustomed to look at great worldly affairs from the inside.
  • The luscious innuendo of it, almost startling, lingered in the room, after the visitors had gone, like an oversweet fragrance.
  • Whether my mother thought that this was an innuendo reflecting upon any portion of her own life, I cannot tell; but she replied very tartly.
  • There was considerable nudging and innuendo exchanged as a small pleasant-faced man with a Van Dyke beard entered the room.
  • I remember it came to me dimly that there was something designedly protective in this; there was more or less veiled innuendo flying about which failed to get through to me.
  • But her courage rose with the emergency, and when the indignation crept into her eyes there was several times subdued applause as her answer to some innuendo carried a rebuke with it.
  • The Brown paper of the evening before contained a nasty little story of innuendo about the work of the Survey near Paloma.
  • He said little to his wife, but his world was getting so noisy that he could not help half pursing his lips, as with the soft whistle of an innuendo at the heels of it.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Innuendo | Innuendo Sentence

  • The innuendo was intolerable.
  • He felt the innuendo and forgot the thrust.
  • The innuendo was plain, and Yeager put it into words.
  • We talked in delicate innuendo of what should be glorious freedoms.
  • He met her eyes with a smile of mockery; Its innuendo was unbearable.
  • But still, Louisa, the innuendo of Lord Biddulph disturbs my peace.
  • There is perhaps a veiled innuendo in Barras' letter of December 30th.

Definition of Innuendo

(transitive, law) To interpret (something libellous or slanderous) in terms of what was implied. | A derogatory hint or reference to a person or thing. An implication, intimation or insinuation. | (logic) A rhetorical device with an omitted, but obvious conclusion, made to increase the force of an argument.
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