Inquire in a sentence

Definition of Inquire

(intransitive, US) To ask (about something). | (intransitive) To make an inquiry or an investigation. | (transitive, obsolete) To call; to name.

Short Example Sentence for Inquire

  • 1. This is not the time to inquire into the facts.
  • 2. This leads me to inquire the date of her death.
  • 3. I shall send over to-morrow to inquire how you are.
  • 4. Guy stepped in to inquire for Scott.
  • 5. May I inquire what your name is?
  • 6. But I see persons to inquire of.
  • 7. He wants to inquire how the boy has rested, I thought.
  • 8. But I can easily inquire for Marlborough House.
  • 9. Would you inquire by what means he was raised to the distinction?
  • 10. Rather inquire of others, and hearken to what they may tell you.
  • 11. He said that Mr. Larue had come in to inquire about you yesterday.
  • 12. All winter I've intended to go and inquire because I heard you'd been ill.
  • 13. I will call again to inquire after Y.R.H., and hope to hear good news.
  • 14. Detectives are coming and they'll inquire into all that sort of thing.

How to use Inquire in a Sentence?

  • 1. She then begged me to inquire whether he had been seen in the city, or where he had gone.
  • 2. He returned, full of thought, to his studies; but wrote at once to inquire about his friend.
  • 3. The dog didn't see me, and seemed to be principled agin stoppin' to inquire my whereabouts.
  • 4. A Parliamentary Committee was appointed in October, 1667, to inquire into the matter.
  • 5. She does not fail to remind me of the incident and to inquire for you whenever she calls for the linen.
  • 6. It was his custom to inquire after her condition each day, and that was all that he ever spoke of her.
  • 7. He remotely contemplated writing to inquire of the culinary oracle why she had ignored hare and rabbit.
  • 8. Remember he doesn't know that the butler is dead, and he will want to inquire for a letter.
  • 9. In doing so, we have not denied either the right or the duty of any man to inquire and to decide for himself on his own solemn responsibility.
  • 10. It was not called for for a week, and so he went out to the house where the man lay dead to inquire the cause.
  • 11. The business of the general chapter was to inquire into the conduct and proceedings of the different Fehm-courts.
  • 12. Though he knew it was risky he determined to stop and find out where he was and to inquire the shortest way to Palmyra.
  • 13. Just then a man came along with a basket of crabs, heard her lamentations, and stopped to inquire what ailed her.
  • 14. The president of the mess, supposing him to be ill, sent one of the young men to inquire what was the matter.
  • 15. The son agreed, and the two decided that the son should go and inquire whether the master in economic science would take pupils.
  • 16. A courier, returning on horseback from a neighboring town, next passed her door, and dismounted to inquire what troubled her.
  • 17. By-the-way, so that your prices may be honest, inquire in any grocery store, and aim to sell at the same figure.
  • 18. What, then, we may profitably inquire next, has actually happened to price movements generally as the market has developed?
  • 19. The old woman is to inquire what hour will suit you best; you can set off at any time before six in the evening, so that you need neglect nothing.
  • 20. It had not occurred to me to inquire about those particulars before leaving Cincinnati, so there I was.
  • 21. I do not seek to inquire into your personal correspondence, Viva, but letters that bear upon this matter are of vital weight.
  • 22. Old Dunster was civil to me of course, but he did not even inquire how I was getting on with my silk plants.
  • 23. How he had drifted to Beila I never ascertained, and thought it prudent not to inquire too much into his antecedents.
  • 24. He had run up again for a moment to inquire how Little Bill was getting on, when the blanket and sheet searchers found them.
  • 25. Here I saw a sentinel pacing back and forwards, and I hastened to the soldier to inquire who was in the castle.
  • 26. At dinner Corinna was very gay; and her father, whose habit it was not to inquire too deeply, observed only that she was looking remarkably well.