Inquisition In A Sentence

Definition of Inquisition

(obsolete) To make inquisition concerning; to inquire into. | an investigation or inquiry into the truth of some matter | an inquest

How To Use Inquisition In A Sentence?

  • Their character did not change when the Inquisition began to use them against heretics.
  • The events that occur during the period of the Inquisition are harrowing to relate.
  • This summary of the acts of the Inquisition is at best but a brief and very imperfect outline.
  • But the greatest excesses of the Inquisition were due to the political schemes of sovereigns.
  • Mary even takes measures to introduce the Inquisition and restore the monasteries.
  • Priests were forbidden to be present at the making of wills, and the Inquisition was suppressed.
  • The Convention recoiled, and instituted an inquisition as to the responsibility for this scene.
  • The penalties which the tribunals of the Inquisition inflicted upon heretics are harder to judge.
  • That we rarely find reference to torture in the records of the Inquisition need not surprise us.
  • From this standpoint, it is probable that many of the sentences of the Inquisition need revision.
  • The Inquisition would have been right, if its creed had really been the thing supposed.
  • The inquisition was growing rather embarrassing, but Prime answered as best he could.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Inquisition | Inquisition Sentence

  • From the inquisition taken 10.
  • And so the seeming inquisition proceeds.
  • At the first question the inquisition came to a dead-lock.
  • The Inquisition was founded.
  • In 1208 the Inquisition was established.
  • Other acts of the Inquisition were no less odious.
  • Napoleon abolishes the Inquisition and feudal rights.
  • At last, the Inquisition demanded him.
  • The Inquisition became the great national festival.
  • I am sure the monks in the Inquisition looked like that.
  • The Inquisition is the real judge; it lights the fires.
  • The Inquisition destroyed 150,000 within thirty years.
  • Such is the story of the Inquisition in Seville.
  • The Inquisition was in full operation in Aragon.
  • The Roman Inquisition cloistered Molinos.
  • But, I may presume, Ye held an inquisition for the dead?
  • A History of the Inquisition of the Middle Ages.
  • Both of these children were living when the inquisition was made.
  • Such a defence of the Inquisition is not borne out by the facts.
  • Apart from the stake, was not this the Inquisition to the life?
  • Even the torture of the old Inquisition might be preferable.
  • The Inquisition proceeded more fairly than these scientific obscurantists.
  • These decrees remained the law as long as the Inquisition lasted.
  • On the whole, the history of the Inquisition is still to be written.
  • Although the oracle were silent still, To leave this inquisition unperformed.
  • Can there be fouler hypocrisy in the Spanish Inquisition than this?
  • This clemency was not peculiar to the Inquisition of Pamiers.
  • On the one side, the dungeon of the Inquisition and probably a death by fire.

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