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  • Scraggs shrieked in insane rage.
  • I was full of enthusiasm over this insane amusement.
  • He seemed an insane creature when you thwarted him.
  • Never was any meal so delicious to my insane fancy.
  • A cunning insane light was in his eyes.
  • He is crazy with greed and insane with revenge.
  • The insane alone hear strange conversations.
  • The young child or the insane person is therefore unfit.
  • It was insane of Dorchin to let him go!
  • Then I grew as insane as the rest of the company.
  • Where either party was insane or idiotic at the time of the marriage.
  • For the first time in her life she felt an insane joy in anger.
  • McCloud, confident now that he had an insane man on his hands, held his peace.
  • Horrorstruck I translated this insane screed to Umslopogaas and Hans.
  • With insane strength he finally tore the gun from the other's grasp.
  • And wong-ong is the name of the a-ni'-to of an insane person.

How To Use Insane In A Sentence?

  • People looked out of their farmhouse windows at me as if an insane man were stalking by.
  • But she is so insane that very little reliance should be placed on anything that she says.
  • Then recognizing her, he flew on her and beat her almost to a jelly in his insane rage.
  • Then came a shouting and an insane snarling within the passage; the bolts were not withdrawn.
  • At first he could not absorb this insane color idea; and he stood there, with his heart sinking.
  • Outside of them the work of psychotherapy in the insane asylum meant essentially improvement and relief only.
  • The psychotherapeutic methods in the narrower sense of the word are in the present state of our knowledge ineffective in the insane asylum.
  • Perhaps he was insane, but we do not even allow insane men to walk the streets that way in this country.
  • And he was seized with an insane desire to kiss the white flesh, pale as ivory against her red hair.
  • He had an insane love of pomp and display, and his private devotions were ministered to by a large body of ecclesiastics.
  • Where a party is insane or idiotic, and is therefore incapable of consenting, a marriage with such person will be void.
  • Care of epileptics and the insane by the state, with proper hygiene and treatment, accomplishes many cures.
  • We cannot, on the other hand, suppose that the enemy would be insane enough to be lured into the open field.
  • The helpful influence which psychical factors can exert in the asylums for the insane is, as we emphasized, entirely secondary.
  • Although in an asylum and partially paralysed, she was not really insane in the proper sense, but incapable of taking care of herself.
  • The beliefs, the vagaries, the hallucinations of the insane have never been co-ordinated, perhaps they never will be.
  • Fighting was not at all to my taste, and I was not quite willing to risk my prowess against such an insane assailant.
  • My uncle would not tell me anything about my father, or my mother, save that the latter was insane and the inmate of an asylum.
  • To meet him in what we call fair fight, when there was a chance to kill him from an ambush, would have seemed an insane or desperate proceeding.
  • Mr. Sassoon himself laughs on occasion, but it is the laughter of a man being driven insane by an insane world.
  • The rest were huddled, in frightened, bleating heaps, wondering perhaps what kind of an insane world it was that they had been harried into.
  • Kibei, in his turn, had become irritable, timorous as a girl, subject to outbreaks of almost insane rage.
  • The priority of claim to the custody of any insane person, habitual drunkard, or spendthrift aforesaid, shall be: 1.
  • At last the official reports reached Paris, and the minister sent the chief superintendent of insane asylums to the village.

Definition of Insane

Exhibiting unsoundness or disorder of mind; not sane; mad | Used by, or appropriated to, insane persons | Causing insanity or madness.
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