Inscriptions in a sentence

Definition of Inscriptions

plural of inscription

Short Example Sentence for Inscriptions

  • 1. With inscriptions and paintings!
  • 2. The inscriptions of some are preserved.
  • 3. During this period inscriptions began to be used.
  • 4. A study of the inscriptions on bells is full of interest.
  • 5. You can copy these inscriptions some other day, Priscilla.
  • 6. No inscriptions exist on the stones of Boro-Boedoer.
  • 7. Tablets and inscriptions have been put up at points of interest.
  • 8. The formulae of the inscriptions are almost universally the same.
  • 9. Several inscriptions were found set into the mosaic pavement.
  • 10. It was the custom to set up such inscriptions in the open air.
  • 11. They are mentioned in inscriptions of the 9th and 10th centuries.
  • 12. All inscriptions on one card should be in the same style of type.
  • 13. Among many inscriptions some interesting items will be found.
  • 14. These inscriptions are irregularly placed and much scattered.
  • 15. On the other sides are runic inscriptions in 77 lines at least.
  • 16. The other tablets and inscriptions hardly require detailed descriptions.
  • 17. And yet the cuneiform inscriptions have smoothed away all these objections.
  • 18. The religious inscriptions and funeral papyri remain undeciphered.
  • 19. Some cylinders covered with cuneiform inscriptions have not yet been examined.
  • 20. Figure 49 represents a specimen of the inscriptions as carved upon stone.
  • 21. The second is a great stone slab covered with inscriptions or hieroglyphics.
  • 22. Graves are decorated, and the inscriptions on tombs read and reread.
  • 23. Such inscriptions are to be found in scores in the graveyards of Antrim.
  • 24. They dug up some blocks of stone with Latin inscriptions carved on them.

How to use Inscriptions in a Sentence?

  • 1. Concerning the characters of these inscriptions they show small modifications.
  • 2. Richard spread his hands before him, as if inscriptions were to be read in the palms of them.
  • 3. From inscriptions it is certain that the split occurred before the first century of our era.
  • 4. The early date of the paintings and inscriptions makes them particularly interesting.
  • 5. Sometimes a whole set of bells bore inscriptions which may be read continuously.
  • 6. Once more: the translation of the inscriptions is not in every case beyond question.
  • 7. The stones at which she glanced were of marble, and the inscriptions were well cut.
  • 8. Some few bells have upon them inscriptions showing they were meant to be rung as passing-bells.
  • 9. We looked at all manner of inscriptions and basso-rilievos, and enjoyed ourselves very much.
  • 10. Two late tablets have fragmentary inscriptions which read like legends with some historical basis.
  • 11. Such are the carvings and inscriptions that show the wise, brave spirit of the ancients.
  • 12. The inscriptions on the flanks of the lions are, however, only makeshift books.
  • 13. It is covered with names, inscriptions written by men and women who were dust long ago.
  • 14. Many inscriptions in marble are also preserved, but to decipher them would ask much time.
  • 15. The sides are covered with inscriptions similar in appearance to those at Copan.
  • 16. Many inscriptions on bells are, or contain, allusions to the vigilance of monastic times.