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  • Who knows the inscrutable design?
  • Nothing is more inscrutable than a sheep-nose.
  • For a future less confusing than this inscrutable present?
  • Kut-le watched the little figure with inscrutable eyes.
  • It is an inscrutable fatality....
  • Her inscrutable face softened a little, he thought.
  • One of those inscrutable visitations of Providence!
  • This might be the working of an inscrutable Providence.
  • O Lord, inscrutable are thy ways!
  • The face of Gideon Morse was inscrutable as ever.
  • Gin Seng smiled his bland, inscrutable Chinese smile.
  • Dark and inscrutable are the ways by which we come into the world.
  • If only once more the inscrutable tenderness of his black eyes were upon her!
  • Her expression was strangely inscrutable to the man who looked down at her.
  • He saw an inscrutable smile cross the nobleman's face.
  • The stern face was inscrutable behind the silence of many thousand years.
  • Mind, and mind alone, possesses the inscrutable power to create.
  • He went on: "Each of us is an inscrutable mystery to the other.

How To Use Inscrutable In A Sentence?

  • It was impossible for him to tell what was going on behind her inscrutable eyes.
  • Possibly he was sceptical, for a smile of satire lurked at the back of his inscrutable eyes.
  • The old hunchback, bending her inscrutable face, screamed again into the ear on the pillow.
  • He said nothing at all and Kenny found his new inscrutable trick of silence unendurable.
  • Kut-le gave Rhoda an inscrutable look, but she did not tell him that she shared his surprise.
  • Olga Platanova sat far down the side, a moody, inscrutable expression in her dark eyes.
  • I preserved an inscrutable expression, for I wanted to hear all she had to tell me of Rita.
  • Then slowly into her gaze there crept an inscrutable expression that was not wholly without a shadow of a smile.
  • And over everything hangs that inscrutable charm which hovers for ever for the human intellect over the incomprehensible and shadowy.
  • Below them stretched a plain of shimmering frost-points, bounded by inscrutable walls of black timber.
  • All through my illness political dreams have repeated themselves, in inscrutable articles of peace and eternal provisional governments.
  • Then the girl smiled that faint inscrutable smile of hers, and the disturbing green rays shot from her eyes.
  • But the four differ no more truly in bodily shape and dress than they do in that inscrutable something which we call temperament, disposition.
  • Midnight found her lying wide awake and starry-eyed, with her red lips twisted into an oddly inscrutable smile.
  • Porter, too, looked at the dark young face across the table and something in its inscrutable calm seemed to madden him.
  • She was touching a string that had never failed her yet, and she waited, with an inscrutable smile, for the response.
  • Then with a quick, shuddery blink her eyes came flashing back wetly and wistfully to the unsolved, inscrutable face before her.
  • He kept up what seemed to be his usual fire of amiable conversation and watched Rhoda constantly through inscrutable black eyes.
  • Then, sitting back, he found her eyes fixed upon him, pools of inscrutable night in the shadow of her hat.
  • Strange was at the bedside, looking intently at the prostrate figure, without a trace of emotion in his sharp, inscrutable features.
  • His eyes were as dark and inscrutable as ever, but nevertheless, I saw that the man was badly moved.
  • So inscrutable do the works of the Almighty appear, that we believe all the ills of this world are evoked by Him for some good end.

Definition of Inscrutable

Difficult or impossible to comprehend, fathom, or interpret. | One who or that which is inscrutable; a person, etc. that cannot be comprehended.
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