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  • Remorse succeeded his insensate rage.
  • Doth this not argue an insensate sire?
  • It is only far off to our gross insensate senses.
  • Blind, insensate selfishness!
  • He began to nourish insensate ambitions.
  • A blind, insensate passion?
  • The plain man was ruffled by this insensate answer.
  • So, in a blind, insensate fashion, he was.
  • Regret at their insensate rage is sure to succeed all such outbreaks.
  • But no third creature was in sight except the insensate sprawler in the dew.
  • And the world shall go forth with him to fight against his insensate foes.
  • His face was ghastly, and wet with ridiculous insensate tears.
  • It was insensate folly on his part, ridiculous from any point of view.
  • Will the wind of his breathing never pass Over it through the insensate gloom?
  • Mine was th' insensate frenzied part, Ah!
  • And I propose to give you some Idea of his insensate fooling.
  • And I propose to give you some Idea of his insensate fooling.
  • And her's the silence and the calm Of mute insensate things.

How To Use Insensate In A Sentence?

  • She flung herself down on the floor and hammered the insensate boards with her fists.
  • The insensate ruler was bringing the nation to the verge of ruin by his misdeeds.
  • Then this ghastly sense of depression coupled with a blind insensate rage at life.
  • One woman had been sacrificed more or less to his mad, insensate fury against his brother.
  • Nothing short of death itself can stop him in his determined, insensate quest for wealth.
  • She was still trembling, and the ad-hocs were an insensate babble of recriminations.
  • This grew mainly from the utterly insensate raids of Europe on our commodities.
  • It was only the insensate obtuseness of the gull which prevented Ugolino dying of laughter.
  • Noon passed; the scanty shadows lengthened; and Howie gave more trouble of an insensate sort.
  • There lives no engineer who has not seen insensate dispute as to wages where the real difficulty was inefficiency.
  • An insensate curiosity had seized her, and she had read and read again until it was beyond the reach of fire.
  • By his hand she had died; by his words her last moments had been filled with the blackness of insensate hate.
  • Anyhow, to his abolition of the insensate barbarism of crank and treadmill in favour of civilizing methods no opposition was offered.
  • They had the fullest confidence that the insensate cry raised against them would eventually subside, and that truth would again prevail.
  • This insensate document bears marks in every line of the implacable hate and burning thirst for revenge that consumed the aristocratic refugees.
  • And truly the Cynic must be so long-suffering as that he shall seem to the multitude insensate and a stone.
  • She knew its whims, corrected its errors, brought to her insensate machine the complement of brain that made it trustworthy.
  • It was an atmosphere of insensate militarism, but the Pratts were content to leave their offspring to breathe it for the present.
  • They tumbled him aboard, where he lay in an insensate heap, drooling spit and making incoherent, bubbling noises.
  • The utter, insensate waste of so much passion and hope and tenderness, of such desperate agony, of such courage to bear...!
  • Was it any farther from the nonexistence of beings to their wise and happy existence, than from their non-existence to their insensate and miserable existence?
  • Brutally raided it was by an insensate husband, eager for a tie and too unreasonably impatient to wait an hour or so until she could get home and find it for him.

Definition of Insensate

Having no sensation or consciousness; unconscious; inanimate. | Senseless; foolish; irrational. | Unfeeling, heartless, cruel, insensitive.
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