Insert in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Insert

1. I have thought it best to insert my translation here. 🔊

2. Then you insert the crowbar between the shell and the rock. 🔊

3. I would, for instance, insert the 7 pp. 🔊

4. Select a smooth place, on the stock into which you are to insert the bud. 🔊

5. In spite of some repulsive features, we insert the accompanying picture. 🔊

6. I am allowed to insert here a most graphic letter, written by Lieut. 🔊

7. I insert a photograph of Mr. Rathbun taken shortly after his second fast. 🔊

How to use Insert in Sentences?

1. I insert the above in this place on account of a slight connection with the last. 🔊

2. My hand shook as with palsy, and made it well nigh impossible for me to insert the key. 🔊

3. I have a lot more of these repartees that I could insert here if it was necessary. 🔊

4. He was frequently employed by Wijnants to insert figures and animals in his landscapes. 🔊

5. The proper exposure given, we cap the lens, remove the paper and insert the foreground negative. 🔊

6. Of course Doña Rita was not a woman about whom the newspapers insert little paragraphs. 🔊

7. Suppose we take a piece of ice which is 10 degrees below the freezing point and insert in it a thermometer. 🔊

8. But whether the interruption be slight or considerable, he must never insert one comma and omit the other. 🔊

9. He often avoids writing the year, and when he does insert it he commits himself to the last two figures only and adds a saving clause. 🔊

10. In the first place, he does not make the too common mistake of allowing the black populace to insert the thin end of the wedge. 🔊

11. When the Rabbis began to insert the vowel-points they had lost the true pronunciation of the sacred name. 🔊