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How To Use Inserting In A Sentence?

  • The propriety of inserting their names at all was for a time considered doubtful.
  • It is as unsafe as the proverbial act of inserting the digits between the bark and the tree.
  • The public slave loosened the bolts by inserting the edge of his ax in the chink.
  • We had an overflow in the dam to raise or lower the level by inserting or removing planks.
  • After an hour, she got up and began inserting punch cards into the big machine again.
  • Jones made straight for the high doorway, and inserting a key it was noiselessly opened.
  • Shuttle-cocks, made by inserting the ends of two hawk-feathers in a small block.
  • This done he took the iron crow, and inserting it beneath a loose flat stone levered it up.
  • Nobody objected to the principle of this, but many demurred to inserting it in the Basis.
  • So much so, that I hesitated much about inserting an account of it in this description.
  • He bounded toward the door, and was just inserting the key into the lock when Macklin sprang up.
  • Though familiarly known to every reader, we cannot deny ourselves the pleasure of inserting it here.
  • My informant said that the hard-hearted girl mumbled something both when inserting and extracting the pins.
  • This can be easily done by moistening the litmus paper, and then inserting the end of it in the tube.
  • Kill the lobster by inserting a sharp knife in its back between the body and tail shells cutting the spinal cord.
  • Budding consists in removing a bud from one tree and inserting it under the bark of the stock or branch of another tree.
  • This paste is then compressed into cartridges, formed with a recess at one end for the purpose of inserting the detonator.
  • He lost no time in inserting it, and in a moment threw open the case and saw that it was full of papers.
  • They can easily be made by inserting ordinary needles into handles, which may be made of some soft wood.
  • Then he cut off their ends, for the plug would make them any required length by inserting or withdrawing the screws a little.
  • In mounting one of the charming specimens of this too numerous class, it is not always safe to clean the feathers before inserting the body.
  • The pile is fired about one hour; when sufficiently baked the pots are lifted from the fire by inserting in each a long pole.
  • In his anxiety his lordship even hummed as he hurriedly manipulated the instrument, inserting the first record that came to hand.
  • It is turned by inserting a pointed instrument in one of the four holes, thus raising or lowering the capstan in regulating.
  • She carefully put her book on one side and took up some darning, assiduously inserting the needle but without further attempt at work.
  • All that is necessary is to heat the chamber well, with a steam pressure of 5 lbs., before inserting the rubber.
  • For a large flask a similar but larger strip of wool must be taken; the method of making and inserting the plug is identical.
  • Similarly he prefaces the introductory formula for the reign of Jehoram by inserting a cruel deed of the new king.
  • You may, however, stop the singing by inserting the point of your screw-driver between the close pins and pressing them apart.
  • Or, Bunches of grapes may be preserved through winter by inserting the end of the stem into a potato.
  • The reputation of this gentleman, in the scientific world, is so well known, that no apology can be necessary for inserting his testimony.
  • The making of that vacuum and the inserting of Marie into it cost her father and her husband prodigious toil and was a great pleasure to them.
  • Deftly Kirkwood forestalled her intention by inserting both a foot and a corner of the newly purchased hand-bag between the door and the jamb.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Inserting | Inserting Sentence

  • Reason for inserting the description.
  • Sostratus preferred inserting his own name.
  • Peter Goldthwaite was inserting a key into the lock.
  • This fact is the only apology for inserting it in this place.
  • The method of inserting the new glass is described at p. 135.
  • Grafting=, the process of inserting a cion or bud in a stock plant.
  • It was locked as Rosanna had said, so inserting her key she opened it.

Definition of Inserting

present participle of insert | Something inserted or set in, such as lace in garments.
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