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  • He Inserts the thermometer.
  • Each time, the needle enters and inserts a germ.
  • This she inserts into the damp hole which she scoops from the sand.
  • The muscle converges and inserts on the apex of the costal process.
  • Between lines 17 and 18 the variant inserts two lines.

How To Use Inserts In A Sentence?

  • The muscle inserts on a triangular area on the dorsomedial surface of the coracoid.
  • The chronicler inserts a phrase which connects his new paragraph very suggestively with the one that goes before.
  • This triangular muscle narrows and inserts on the posterior edge of the apex of the costal process.
  • No, no; there, Mr. Werter takes his spoon, Inserts it, dips the handle, and lo!
  • But after the narrative of the reign is thus formally closed the chronicler inserts a postscript, perhaps by a kind of after-thought.
  • It is like the red "chigoe" which inserts his tiny head in the flesh and burrows until he causes a throbbing fester.
  • After an iron knife or spear head has been roughly shaped, the smith splits the edge to a slight depth and inserts a band of steel.
  • The cause of the unhappy disaster quietly inserts her hand inside the robe, and directly brings it forth with the sought for article in its clasp.
  • Into that tunnelled hole he inserts his long finger, and squash it goes into a large, pulpy, fat, sweet grub.
  • The operator in order to communicate with him inserts the plug in which her telephone terminates into the jack, and removes her receiver from its hook.
  • The monkey inserts his arm, fills his hand with corn, and tries to pull it out, but can't unless he lets go of the corn, which he won't do.
  • He inserts inductances in series with the wires of the line, so adapting them to the constants of the circuit that attenuation and distortion are diminished in a gratifying degree.
  • The shoemaker who wishes to call the attention of the public to his new stock of canvas shoes with green leather inserts lisps in numbers and the numbers come.
  • When the bars are white-hot the assistant hands them along; his mate grips them and inserts them in the dies, then presses the treadle with his foot.
  • This massive muscle covers the entire ventral surface of the thorax, converges, and inserts on the pectoral surface on the ventral side of the humerus.
  • The rattlesnake inserts its poison in the body of its victim by means of two long sharp-pointed teeth or fangs, which grow one on each side of the forepart of the upper jaw.
  • This large pinnate muscle converges, passes through the foramen triosseum, and inserts by means of a strong tendon on the dorsal surface of the humerus on the deltoid ridge.
  • The ventral head passes anterodorsally to join with the dorsal head (not here described), and the combined muscle inserts by a tendon on the internal tuberosity of the humerus.
  • The epilogue itself has apparently received successive supplements, and the prologue its prefix; but he who inserts the name John has done so with caution.

Definition of Inserts

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of insert | plural of insert
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