Insignificance In A Sentence

Definition of Insignificance

the state of being insignificant

How To Use Insignificance In A Sentence?

  • Does the insignificance of an egg-shell appear from the fact that it cannot contain the ocean?
  • If one is little and insignificant, one may be overlooked, insignificance and all.
  • He returned to a life somehow mean and meagre, resuming insignificance with his dinner jacket.
  • Nonentities, born to names, so often claim attention for their insignificance in this way.
  • How could such insignificance ever bother old England, for instance, big and powerful as she was?
  • Their insignificance was their salvation in the overthrow of the civilisation to which they belonged.
  • Whatever there is or ever has been of discord between us fades into insignificance before this new threat.
  • Elsa attempted to reduce to insignificance by a disciplined arrangement of her thoughts and emotions.
  • As to these travelers who are not going across the frontier, they are of most perfect insignificance in my eyes.
  • The interest of man can never be thrown into insignificance by his conditions; these draw interest from him.
  • Even had they still been pending issues, they paled into insignificance before the paramount question of disunion.
  • Summer lightning would pale into insignificance compared with the intensity of those momentary sheets of lurid light.
  • It is not from the insignificance of man that God's dwelling with him is so strange.
  • I may have possessed at the beginning of the process speedily dwindled into insignificance by comparison with the tortures of my novel cure.
  • But, great as was this achievement, it sank into insignificance when compared with the one they had just performed.
  • I expressed my deep sense of the insignificance of my domestic arrangements, and gave him another nip of brandy.
  • Once believing in the isolation and insignificance of life, one is sceptical of all worth save such as may be tasted in the moment of its purchase.
  • It will thus be seen that the Apennines of the earth sink into insignificance in comparison with their gigantic namesakes on the moon.
  • The fact, however, of its having disappeared, might perhaps be urged as a sign of the insignificance of the edition.
  • Men are but insects in the midst of creation; lives but drops in the ocean of eternity, and none so truly feel their insignificance as the dying.
  • She felt her own insignificance and David's also, and chafed under the unfamiliar sensation.
  • If Man knew his insignificance in the scheme of things he would not think it worth while to rise from barbarity to enlightenment.
  • The ideal creations of the poet and the philosopher sink into perfect insignificance beside the actual creation of God.
  • The lyrics were the chief beauty of the old masks, but the best of them sink into {117} insignificance before such a masterpiece of art as this.
  • It is evident, that the insignificance and ignorance of the Jews were sufficient to screen them for a long time from the search of philosophers.
  • But as an achievement in ocean navigation that voyage of Columbus sinks into insignificance beside it....
  • She shows the emptiness, the impotence, the insignificance of all that we call "experience," beside the spirit that endures.
  • Germany's great army was Germany's compensation, in consciousness, for the insignificance of her territory.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Insignificance | Insignificance Sentence

  • I see the insignificance of my sorrows.
  • Our insignificance is often the cause of our safety.
  • I felt the insignificance of life, of suffering.
  • Earth, insignificance of the, iii.
  • Did he intend to allude to the insignificance of the abdomen?
  • He only goes there to hide his insignificance in a larger crowd.
  • They had discovered the insignificance of their lone and pint-sized attacker.
  • All these larger foes paled into insignificance compared with the mosquitos.
  • All our common-place muttons at home sank into insignificance at once.
  • His insignificance was borne home upon him, mellowing all his spirit.
  • The moment the light fell upon Father John his insignificance vanished.
  • Man's work here seemed but to accentuate the puny insignificance of man.

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