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  • Somebody was pounding insistently at his door.
  • If only the other side did not so insistently repel!
  • The wind mourned again insistently at the corner.
  • The phrase rang insistently in Martin's ears.
  • Going up to his father's side, he pulled insistently at his sleeve.
  • Bill Brown's question came insistently to mind; he wondered the more.

How To Use Insistently In A Sentence?

  • Now they advised me the most insistently to allow ourselves to be interned peacefully.
  • Imagine what is left of your consciousness to be stabbed insistently by a throbbing pain.
  • China is insistently demanding the immediate realisation of full representative government.
  • The phrase returned with a mocking note and beat insistently through her brain.
  • It was water that both insistently craved, and for which they grew fevered and distressed.
  • And ever and again she returned insistently to the barnyard interests of the Winterpines!
  • There is one outstanding happening in his London experience that insistently demands telling.
  • Moreover, Mr. Lester Wingfield was weighing upon him more insistently than the mysteries.
  • He led Micky insistently out of the wine room, unmindful of the protests of O'Byrn's companions.
  • To be sure, then he preferred to consult other physicians who did not inquire so insistently into his sexual life.
  • He lifted her arms, and because they were pressing insistently down, squirmed out from beneath them.
  • But his duty to his own patient called him insistently away, and slowly he backed towards the door.
  • The chain slings came down faster and faster, while the hammerings of the winch rang insistently through their rattle.
  • His paddles were wholly inadequate for such a struggle; his arms refused the demands that his will insistently made upon them.
  • He beamed and grinned in boyish happiness as the mob surged round his car so insistently that for a minute it could not proceed.
  • Some thing whispered insistently to his fancy that dreariness was a thing of the past; he did not have to whistle to keep up his spirits.
  • How Honora hated herself for the thought that thus insistently returned at this period of snows and blasts!
  • As a rule, though, she confessed to herself later on that she had been insistently harping upon a non-existent entity.
  • They may not cause the acute distress of love and hate, but no tooth ever ached more incessantly nor more insistently demanded relief.
  • The tumbling waters of the chute seemed insistently loud, as though jealous of the brawling monster that had dared to challenge its incessant song.
  • Then the silence was pierced by the shrill notes of a brazen bugle, steadily rising higher and always calling insistently to the men to come.
  • Yet Hamsun dares, and so insistently unlike all else is the impress of his personality that the mechanical structure of the story is forgotten.
  • The lecture went on, but I did not hear it; my mind dwelt insistently on thoughts of the lady in pink.
  • It can not too insistently be urged that when we say a character is the product of a particular factor we mean no more than that it is the most conspicuous effect of the factor.
  • The detective got away as soon as possible, after insistently explaining to John that if they could use his assistance they would let him know.
  • The South wind, gently and insistently battling with the East wind, had conquered him for the moment.
  • It is insistently asked (was asked by myself) why shipping is not directed to and concentrated at various rendezvous and from these convoyed through the dangerous areas.
  • The man fought against it by trying to suppress the idea but the more he fought against it, the more insistently it rushed forward through new and ever new association paths.
  • It cries most insistently of all for obliteration of the fetish that politicians, lawyers and other amateurs are fit to conduct a government engaged in the most terrible combat of human history.
  • It was partly hysterical, partly the sudden realization that he was not the only one who had, that morning, found much in his companion which was insistently boyish.
  • In the great centres of executive toil the vital truths of religion seem to enter more insistently into the lives of men and women whose environment presents them with fewer distractions than elsewhere.
  • Heaven knows he had gone over the matter insistently enough in the last few days, since the combination had been unwillingly given into his hands, but always with the foregone conclusion.
  • Mr. Templeton had told her a great deal when insistently urging her not to do the thing she had determined to do and she had thought that he exaggerated merely in order to turn her aside from her purpose.

Definition of Insistently

In an insistent manner; pressingly.
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