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How To Use Insisting In A Sentence?

  • If the truth were known, neither of them was insisting out of politeness at all.
  • Ada had just rung the gong, insisting on another drink with the fatuous obstinacy of drunkards.
  • If it was real, as most people would admit, what is the objection to insisting on it as such?
  • She followed him into the dim interior, still insisting at every step that they must hurry.
  • I ever declared against insisting on a relation of experience, in this sense (viz.
  • Everett overtook him, and would not let him get in, insisting upon his remaining to luncheon.
  • He was reproached fifty times for his manners in insisting on going the Dieppe route.
  • Dicksie, insisting upon going home, went so far as to have her horse brought from the stable.
  • I humored her fancy, only insisting on relieving her of my present for Mr. Bowen.
  • They had done all the work they were supposed to do; now the supervisors were insisting that they do it over again.
  • But this had been so long acknowledged between them that she could hardly have been conscious that she was insisting on it afresh.
  • This habit of insisting on the wit of the wealthier classes is the last and most servile of all the servilities.
  • And so they argued and argued, each insisting in the most polite way that the other should go first.
  • He grew more and more peremptory, insisting on having the book solely on the ground that it went under his limit.
  • It contained some passages of a political nature, insisting on the duty of a representative to obey the will of his constituents.
  • They would have as soon thought of entering a great mansion and insisting on their right to live there as to present themselves at school.
  • He begged her to sit down again, and she laughingly complied, insisting that he should sit in the opposite chair.
  • While professing to demand more liberty and equality, they are often really insisting on greater restraint and inequality.
  • Preller also allows for the effects of human vanity, noble families insisting on tracing themselves to gods.
  • The family needs the support of the wider public opinion of the church, insisting on the supremacy of righteousness.
  • Purity entering an atmosphere of impurity and insisting on staying, and on keeping pure, creates a lively disturbance.
  • He opposed all efforts to modernize the criminal code, insisting upon the reactionary principle of new death penalties.
  • The keeper opened most of the cells and went in, rousing occasionally one that was asleep, and insisting that all should appear at the grate.
  • At least, the knowledge of her was in his mind, insisting on being heard, and insisting as it never had in this present life.
  • I found him in what looked like prospective trouble, for a policeman was insisting on purchasing his medicine, and on having one of his hand-bills.
  • Look at the Rudiments; they begin by insisting on stuffing into the heads of children a crowd of the most abstract ideas.
  • Mr. Weiss seemed inclined to demur to this arrangement, but I had my own reasons for insisting on it.
  • He spoke reasonably; he stretched out on the heap of leaves and long-dead balsam boughs, insisting that Reuben lie down and rest also.
  • She accused me of having designs on you, insisting all the while that every one was talking about it, and that she was fretting solely because of my good name.
  • When Dick saw this, before I could speak he had his own fur-lined coat off, insisting that she should put it on.
  • It was on a stormy night with wind and beating rain that Nancy told me Anthony was insisting that she marry him in December.
  • And what time the Army was not making inquiries about his own civil intentions and abilities it was insisting on his extracting the same information from the platoons.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Insisting | Insisting Sentence

  • Rhoda insisting on cooking a meal!
  • Now, insisting is an ugly word.
  • Keeps insisting he doesn't know where the gold is hidden.
  • In any circumstances, he was always insisting on his duality.
  • He grew quite a tyrant, insisting on being fed and on being noticed.
  • Once he came with a most hideous yell, insisting on the door being opened.
  • He had made his mother very angry by insisting upon going into the Guards.
  • They entered the 'dobe, Malvey insisting that Pete come in and hear Boca sing.

Definition of Insisting

present participle of insist
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