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  • The latter laughed insolently if silently.
  • She lifted her head and looked insolently at him.
  • He turned insolently and entered his cage.
  • With folded arms he looked insolently at the speaker.
  • Virginie, carrying papers, sits insolently on the sofa.
  • The Bishops appear to have behaved insolently enough.
  • I demanded, as insolently as I knew how.
  • The bold and insolently beautiful face looked up at him with steady interest.
  • How insolently they had exulted over him, these coarse and vulgar hearts!
  • The trail was now almost insolently clear, and he followed it at a lope.
  • She knew it for a definite promise, however insolently expressed.
  • Farmer Jones had insolently refused to send his wagon twenty miles for coals.
  • Mr Kipling does not insolently explain that India is thus and thus.
  • In the streets of Cairo they stared insolently at the European passers-by.
  • The Cause, rather, turned bolder, had stepped insolently nearer.
  • The half-breed grinned insolently up into the officer's face.
  • The quiet and insolently confident smile had not left Aldous' lips.

How To Use Insolently In A Sentence?

  • Doubtless there was a secret service as well as this public one so insolently flaunted.
  • A raving clergyman has been insolently parodying the Gospel which he has sworn to preach.
  • An officer of the Parisian guard dared to speak insolently of the Queen in her own apartment.
  • The intruding fellow had insolently declined to talk over any but the material benefits to be expected.
  • The maid insolently replied that she might get the water for herself, as she did not intend to serve her any longer.
  • He had failed ignominiously in his mission, and the sarcastic young woman who had spoken so insolently to him was laughing at his discomfiture.
  • Now he smiled a trifle wryly into her insolently uptilted face, without attempting to answer the question.
  • Not one part of her was still for a fraction of a second; yet the whole effect was of insolently lazy ease.
  • She held fast with one hand and stretched downward with the other, but the book insolently flirted its leaves just out of reach.
  • Express and dray horses, the very ones that had once scurried into side streets at sound of his hoofs, now insolently crowded him to the curb.
  • Soon after the wedding Pedro left his bride, and insolently avowed that he had only experienced a passing passion for her.
  • The man placed himself full in the path leading to the little lake, and lazily, insolently studied the intruding pair.
  • Else the lord of that house takes notice of it, and, seeing him insolently giving orders, drags him forth and chastises him.
  • She stared insolently at Judy as the latter came forward, but the young leader was smiling and profuse in his welcome.
  • Apparently, then, that white tail was intentional, was as a red flag, insolently displayed, warning all to beware of the stink.
  • She sat fronting the entrance, her head insolently thrown back, knees crossed, a cigarette poised in the plump and dimpled hand.
  • Wesley could not conceive a sister of his giving her heart to the son of a family that had insolently refused to concede social equality to her father.
  • He was a typical back-blocker, dry and wiry, nasally cocksure, insolently cool, a fearless hand with horse, man, or woman.
  • She angrily tossed her head, and stared insolently at an old lady who came to inquire if there were any letters for the Countess of Skerry and Ness.
  • His sharp and rather handsome features were clouded with temper as he pushed open the kitchen door and held it while two ugly dogs crowded in, and his first words were insolently aggressive.
  • The servant, a man of perhaps forty whose well-cut livery was worn in a sloppy manner, stared at her almost insolently and without the least embarrassment.
  • She regains her self-possession at once, looks insolently at me, nay, downright maliciously, and enters the house with a chiding remark to her offspring.

Definition of Insolently

In an insolent manner.
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