Insolvent In A Sentence

Definition of Insolvent

Unable to pay one's bills as they fall due. | Owing more than one has in assets. | Not sufficient to pay all the debts of the owner.

How To Use Insolvent In A Sentence?

  • Let us suppose that the estate is insolvent and cannot pay all of its debts in full.
  • Wheelwright had already taken the preliminary steps to procure relief under the insolvent law.
  • At an insolvent court the Prince has the first, and the millionaire the second crown.
  • The world and its claims lost their hold, and he died insolvent when Lenhart was scarcely twelve.
  • Over-burdened with troubles, he was bereft of his reason, and died insane and insolvent in the year 1683.
  • Men die in good circumstances, but by reason of extravagant funeral expenses are well nigh insolvent before they get buried.
  • The insolvent crowned entrails, which, in this way, could not pay money, involved him now in a financial litigation with the heir to the crown.
  • If the test of the settlement were not frequently applied, speculators who were unfortunate would be tempted to plunge deeper until finally some became insolvent for large sums.
  • It was round Aylesbury, that for many years, the influence of the insolvent Duke of Buckingham was paramount.
  • It was this comprehensive survey which warranted some of the large advances they made to seemingly insolvent firms which afterwards grew to be the most prosperous in the Fatherland.
  • The records of the Insolvent Court of one city show that, in five years, two hundred thousand dollars were lost by dealing in lottery tickets.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Insolvent | Insolvent Sentence

  • The purchaser becoming insolvent paid only 13 per cent.
  • Locke Morgeson had been insolvent for five years.
  • Do insolvent or bankrupt laws impair the obligation of contracts?

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