Inspections in a sentence

Definition of Inspections

plural of inspection

How to use Inspections in a Sentence?

  • Periodic inspections in the summer revealed that the colony was surviving and healthy.
  • Inadequate transportation facilities in the interior made exportation from upland inspections less feasible.
  • Some of its planets had gone unvisited for as long as twenty years, and twelve between inspections was almost common-place.
  • All ranks received a good reception from the villagers, and the next few days were spent in resting, inspections and training.
  • And no doubt Tidewater Virginia recognized the economic value of having all of the inspections located in its own section.
  • Ann Penhallow spent the remainder of the next day in one of those household inspections which let no failure in neatness or order escape attention.
  • Sunday morning inspections, monthly inspections of troops, frequent inspections of arms and ammunition, innumerable drills, and constant picketing.
  • Systematic medical inspections were given, and projects for the erection of houses and the adaptation of existing buildings for lodgings are under way.
  • While lax inspections caused a few buyers to visit the warehouses, the presence of these buyers led many of the planters to bring their tobacco to the warehouses most frequented by the buyers.
  • It keeps down the general expense of conducting business by limiting the rate of commission its members can pay to any agent, and it supplies inspections to its members and does a lot of other things.

Short Example Sentence for Inspections

  • For some reason inspections and reviews are frequent of late.