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  • The inspector hesitated.
  • The inspector saluted and withdrew.
  • The inspector sprang back.
  • The inspector nodded thoughtfully.
  • The inspector turned towards him.
  • With him were an inspector of police and a detective.
  • The chief inspector saluted.
  • The inspector stood his ground but he did not advance.
  • The inspector broke off in the middle of his sentence.
  • The inspector rose slowly to his feet.
  • The inspector made no direct reply.
  • A police inspector came to the side of the car.
  • The inspector made a note in his pocket-book.
  • The inspector looked grimly at the little pile of firearms.
  • Tell the Inspector what happened, dearie.
  • The Inspector gave no sign while his subordinate talked.
  • But Inspector Donohue wants you to come here at once.
  • Sergeant Dunn, the Inspector wants you.
  • Pollock, give Inspector Donohue all the keys.
  • On staff of Inspector General of Aeronautics.
  • The inspector pointed backwards into the further corner of the apartment.
  • Monsieur the inspector of woods and forests is a delightful young man.
  • Neither made any attempt at the hasty departure the Inspector had suggested.
  • The Army aerial force will be commanded by 2 inspector generals.
  • The Inspector says, have you got anything you want to tell him.
  • The Inspector says, have you got anything you want to tell him?
  • Ten men made up the tally of the pursuers riding with Inspector Fyles.

How To Use Inspector In A Sentence?

  • The inspector was only human and he paused, for he was looking straight into the mouth of it.
  • The Mohtesib is inspector of the markets, the weights and measures, and provisions, etc.
  • Every supervisor and inspector and salaried technician was an armed United States deputy marshal.
  • Huntly knew that Inspector Fyles was almost solely at work upon the capture of contraband liquor.
  • He blamed everybody, and particularly Inspector Fyles, in whose hands the case had been placed.
  • His departure was so sudden and so speedy that he was down the first flight of stairs before the inspector started.
  • The dark night clouds were breaking when they reached the spot where the inspector had originally stationed himself.
  • Then the inspector grunted suspiciously and wanted to know if the auxiliary batteries were properly charged.
  • Ten minutes or so, and then an inspector takes them off, first to the watering-troughs and then to the lines.
  • The inspector glanced over his shoulder at that inner room, from which fitful gleams of light still came.
  • Then, Inspector Donohue, you are a damn fool, and with God's 'elp I will prove it.
  • The Inspector told him they had not sufficient evidence to go upon and were not justified in arresting him.
  • The inspector held up his hand, and his subordinate, who had been searching the inner room, came stealthily out.

Definition of Inspector

A person employed to inspect something. | (law enforcement) A police officer ranking below superintendent.
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