Instant In A Sentence

Definition of Instant

(dated) Impending; imminent. | (dated) Urgent; pressing; acute. | Occurring immediately; immediate; present.

How To Use Instant In A Sentence?

  • In an instant every piece of furniture was broken up and every bit of tapestry torn down.
  • How could she have imagined for an instant that the Governor could stand a comparison like this?
  • For a wicked instant I was tempted to turn away and leave our unrepentant enemy where he was.
  • An instant more and I was throwing water on the fire from the pailful beside the window ledge.
  • It was so sad to me to feel thus, that I could not for an instant recover my faith in myself.
  • For an instant, after telling him, she hesitated, and in this instant Stephen spoke.
  • An instant later anger burned in her heart, for she saw that the car was driven by Rose Stribling.
  • Mr. Davy was holding it yet, but the instant I entered he advanced and placed it between my arms.
  • And she understood in that instant that the look his face wore was the look of those who have failed in their vocation.
  • In an instant the motion picture chums acted on a common impulse and leaped into the water after him.
  • Methinks we have seen this youth somewhere or other before, though only for an instant which we cannot call to mind.
  • Piegan turned on the instant and ran to where we had tied our horses; but they stood quietly as we had left them.
  • For an instant his blunt question disconcerted her, and while she hesitated she felt his blue eyes on her downcast face.
  • When he spoke, she realized that he had mistaken her meaning; and for an instant her heart beat wildly with resentment or apprehension.
  • Fear for an instant seized his heart; but a glance from Azalia reassured while it still further mystified him.
  • In an instant she had changed from the sparkling elusive creature Stephen had known into a woman of authority and composure.
  • The instant a thought of the loss of their little treasure box drifted into his mind, however, he was on his feet in a flash.
  • For an instant he hesitated, and then as they reached the door together, he turned with his hand on the knob, and looked into her eyes.
  • There would be a sudden twitch of the muscles of the face, an instant distortion, which in the next instant had passed and left no trace.
  • No wonder he hurried and no wonder the woman screamed, for exactly at that instant a great red touring car came tearing around the corner.
  • I stood on one foot for an instant behind Clo's chair, and then flung myself into the passage.
  • Frugal as he was, he never for an instant lost his cheery smile and companionable manner, and I observed he watched me very closely.
  • For an instant a wild impulse, born of suffering nerves, passed through Corinna's mind.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Instant | Instant Sentence

  • For an instant he hesitated.
  • Stop not an instant on the road!
  • For an instant his words startled and thrilled me.
  • At this very instant my mother opened the door.
  • In an instant she had sprung upon the crupper.
  • In one instant he was petrified by the force of tradition.
  • For an instant Corinna hesitated.
  • For an instant Stephen gazed at her in silence.
  • For an instant Corinna looked at her without speaking.
  • This instant you shall have it, Bacchis.
  • For an instant I paused, overpowered with agitation.
  • In a whisper the word was passed and in an instant every man was alert.
  • For an instant every thought, every feeling, surrendered to her appeal.
  • This instant you shall have it, Bacchis. BACCH.
  • From that instant I felt that I was capable of pardoning him.
  • Away flew I, and saw The girl that instant turn into this street. PAR.
  • At the same instant Kucsuk Pasha's trumpets sounded a charge.

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