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  • He understood instantly what had happened.
  • His features instantly relaxed.
  • Keith knew instantly that he was the man.
  • Almost instantly the smoke had swallowed him.
  • Every one instantly sprang to his feet.
  • The provost captain instantly came riding to the spot.
  • Canby, too, instantly grasped the situation.
  • Teleki saw his mistake, and instantly changed his tactics.
  • The French and their allies instantly fled.
  • I will carry The money to her instantly myself.
  • And Patricia was instantly ashamed of her resentment.
  • Alarmed, I instantly went down.
  • I threw myself out instantly from the Autograph Exhibition.
  • The mind of Dame Apafi instantly grasped the whole truth.
  • I saw who beckoned me from beyond it, and was instantly with him.
  • He instantly called upon us, and we accompanied him to his house.
  • The youth said nothing in reply, but he instantly stood up and seized his gun.
  • He grasped instantly the menace which the situation on the Clyde conjured up.
  • Almost instantly an eight-inch gun roared out American defiance.
  • All were looking at the picture, and I instantly refrained from criticism.
  • That, it instantly occurs to us, means much to Germany at such an hour.
  • Lady Beldi shrieked aloud, and instantly repulsed the self-forgetful Lothario.

How To Use Instantly In A Sentence?

  • She was never too much occupied to receive those who came to her, and instantly he had her ear.
  • The net is trailed along the ground by two men, and dropped instantly on the whirr of wings.
  • Clement instantly began to raise objections: he could not think of it; the honour was too great.
  • He eagerly sought out the American and they instantly came together in the fight to the death.
  • The English saw it bearing down upon them, and instantly there was wavering in their ranks.
  • All was instantly confusion and dismay, for every one on board knew that Jacob was no swimmer.
  • The man stepped back instantly with a word of apology, and Gray rode on without looking back.
  • At the first alarm, Bright-Wits instantly suspected treachery on the part of the two conspirators.
  • Pinkey was out of the bunk at a bound and around the corner of the cabin, where his suspicions were instantly verified.
  • By this means not only is the imagination strengthened; but you learn instantly to hold fast the most fugitive ideas.
  • The soldiers, when they knew that she had been told of their hesitation, were instantly horribly ashamed.
  • She still remains there, hoping for the day when her guilty husband shall return and be instantly forgiven.
  • I made way instantly to the table, and with no small difficulty smuggled a plate and had it filled with strawberries.
  • Happily the ship was moving very sluggishly through the water, so one of the quarter-boats was instantly lowered from the davits.
  • The latter made himself instantly at home, but most charmingly so, and began to help himself from a dish directly.
  • There was a queer silence, only partly due, as she was instantly aware, to the emotion of the moment.
  • His cry had startled his companion at the wheel, who took it as a signal of warning of some sort, and he instantly shut down on speed.
  • When Gordon saw her he recognized her instantly as the tot who had given her doll to the little dancer two years before.

Definition of Instantly

At once; without delay. [from 16th c.] | (archaic) Urgently; with insistence. [from 15th c.] | (obsolete) At the same time.
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