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  • Les instants pressaient.
  • Medora quelques instants auparavant.
  • Ils partirent quelques instants plus tard.
  • The instants that passed seemed like an age.
  • Almanzor garda quelques instants le silence.
  • Pendant quelques instants continua un silence mutuel.
  • Quelques instants de silence suivirent ces paroles.
  • Pendant quelques instants elle garda le silence.
  • Quelques instants après, on entendit hennir des chevaux.
  • Quelques instants après, le jarl parut avec ses gens.
  • Grossich exposed the situation and was then for some instants mute.
  • Corps humains devenant instants de l'information.
  • Some small bantering hereupon, during the instants of embargo.
  • L'univers moins hideux et les instants moins lourds!
  • He was dead a few instants after, but the crowd hid that terror from us.
  • The instants of time which have passed, are passed, and can never be again.
  • Au bout de quelques instants Otkel et ses compagnons parurent.
  • Quelques instants après, ils rencontrèrent Losing, et fondirent sur lui.
  • Et pendant quelques instants ils s'entretinrent de ce désastre.
  • Les deux amis s'entretinrent encore quelques instants de la Floriani.
  • Après quelques instants de conversation, on parla d'aller chez M.

How To Use Instants In A Sentence?

  • And the looming menace that it supposedly posed had been reduced in instants to a scarecrow.
  • In a few instants she guided my father and mother into our dungeon, holding a hand of each.
  • In a few instants he lay stretched on the ground, his jaw shattered by a pistol-shot.
  • In the second place, no assumption is made that the instants of time form a continuous series.
  • The instants given to repentance are very sad, and I was truly a fit subject for pity.
  • Quelques instants fugaces de babillard avec des Canadiens perdus dans les grands froids.
  • It was one of those instants of highly-charged exchanges of meanings whose revelation was as useless to be denied as powerless to be explained.
  • A few instants later, his lips were pressed to the beardless, dusty, sunburnt-cheek of the youthful graduate.
  • During other than instants of opening and closing (changing) the local circuit, no current whatever flows in the secondary circuit.
  • Cette importante conversation se termina quelques instants plus tard par de chaleureux remerciments du professeur allemand au professeur islandais.
  • No difficulty seems to arise like that of the inconvenient instants of time which might conceivably turn up again when we thought that we had done with them.
  • It seemed to him in those instants a thousand times better to come out of his own will, rather than to be poked and dragged from his hole like a badger.
  • Visibly it had come to his host that something had within the few instants remarkably happened, but there glimmered on him an induction that still made him keep his own manner.
  • Enfin cette colonie insulaire se trouva en quelques instants dispersée, ayant fait, relativement à ses moyens, une perte immense et irréparable.
  • To this point had the combat reached, when Willoughby rushed into the open air followed, a few instants later, by Nick.

Definition of Instants

plural of instant
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