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  • They were believed to be instigating the Indians to continuous underhand war.

How To Use Instigating In A Sentence?

  • Smith was suspected of instigating these attacks, and thus fresh quarrels broke out.
  • Her moral warmth was ready and waiting for the instigating subject, but of course she was unconscious of the goad within.
  • But as this scheme failed, they set about instigating the natives against the white men, whom they accused most wantonly of strange practices.
  • She is not well, as I said, and she may have thought you were, if not instigating them, at least aware of what was going on.
  • He tried to stamp out more than once the Truth of Christ by instigating the cruel persecutions of the people of God.
  • Unless England immediately revoked its decrees, ceased impressing seamen, and refrained from instigating Indian plots there must be war.
  • They had hammered away at the imperial regime by instigating mutiny and terror for many years, since they realized that the incompetence of the government was matched only by its impotence.
  • While he was making laws and instigating crusades, he was also directing craft shops and propagating the arts in connection with the life of the Church.
  • The woman of the house was very indignant, and spoke in disrespectful terms of the Union men of the neighborhood, whom she suspected of instigating the search.

Definition of Instigating

present participle of instigate
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